May 20, 2020
Brittany Cartwright Defends Jax Taylor On Instagram, Reveals The 'Pump Rules' Reunion Will Air In Three Parts

Brittany Cartwright fought back against the backlash she's received in regard to her husband's erratic behavior on Vanderpump Rules amid last night's Season 8 finale.

After sharing a photo taken during the taping of last year's finale on Instagram, Brittany reacted to a fan who suggested she made a poor decision when she married Jax last year in Kentucky. She then confirmed to another follower that the upcoming Season 8 reunion special would air in three parts.

"Britt man [you] made that bed I'm so sorry. He's just not a good person so sorry," the first fan wrote, adding that she and other Vanderpump Rules viewers all knew that Jax was no good prior to their June 2019 wedding.

In response, Brittany told fans that she and Jax are great and that they were preparing to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary next month. She also reminded the concerned viewer that what they are seeing on the show happened over nine months ago.

"And there is a whole lot of good you guys never get to see," Brittany added.

During last night's episode, Brittany was confronted by Katie Maloney about her hubby's behavior. Rather than take ownership for his ongoing missteps, Brittany focused more on the fact that he was allegedly regretful "this time," also demanding that her co-star give her husband respect.

Later, after a second fan wrote to Brittany and said that they couldn't believe that the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules was already over, she responded by teasing the upcoming reunion. She also revealed that the taping, which was filmed virtually in Los Angeles earlier this month, will be airing in three parts.

"I can't believe it's the season finale already!" the fan wrote.

"Don't worry there are also [three] reunion episodes and a secrets revealed to come!" Brittany said.

Next week, following last night's conclusion to Season 8, fans will be treated to a Secrets Revealed episode of Vanderpump Rules. Then, starting on June 2, the three-part reunion special will begin airing on Bravo.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Katie slammed Jax's "unprovoked" attacks against the Vanderpump Rules cast during the finale and refused to allow Brittany to compare her past "rage texts" to that of her husband.

"So, because I'm guilty of rage texting before, I shouldn't have any leg to stand on right now?" she wondered. "I've paid for what I've done and now Jax needs to pay and do his time."