May 20, 2020
Suzy Cortez Sucks On A Large Lollipop For Flirty New Topless Pic

Suzy Cortez sated her sweet tooth with a giant multi-colored lollipop for a flirty new pic uploaded to her Instagram page on Wednesday morning. The buxom model teased her fans by posing topless for the snap.

To pose for the provocative pic, Suzy perched on a low stool upholstered in tan fabric. She held the lollipop in one hand and placed her other hand on her hip, allowing her palm to flatten against the swell of her voluptuous booty. Even from her seated position, her famous behind looked incredible. It did not look like Suzy was wearing anything beneath her white mesh tights, but she kept her legs together to maintain an air of modesty and sensuality about the pic.

The stunner flexed the arm bent by her side, flaunting her incredible musculature. Aside from her lower half and her chiseled forearms, Suzy also showcased her narrow waist and underarm area. She posed sans top, maneuvering her straight brunette locks to hide her breasts from the camera.

It looked like she opted not to include any other props or accessories that would potentially detract from the sizable lollipop pressed between her lips. She even went barefoot, indicating that her only piece of clothing was the sheer tights that settled high on her waist, flattering her trim middle.

As for her makeup application, it seemed that the beauty kept her look minimal, using mascara, lipstick, foundation, and not much else, although her nails did appear to be painted white.

The model did not state her location, but it appeared she was posing inside of an upscale residential home. The floors were shiny enough to reflect the furniture in the room, and the wall of glass doors behind her bathed the room in sunlight. Several chairs matching the one Suzy was perched upon were assembled in a circle adjacent to her, and a few gold-framed images hung on the wall in the background.

Suzy wrote the Spanish word "paleta" in her caption, alongside a present emoji.

Her 2.2 million followers seemed to love her latest upload. The post quickly garnered more than 4,000 likes.

The majority of the comments were written by Spanish-speaking admirers and fans who wrote their compliments in their native language.

A translator indicated that one devotee called her a "precious goddess."

Last week, Suzy shared a sexy picture of herself rocking tiny bikini bottoms that showcased her toned thighs and booty.