May 20, 2020
Christie Brinkley Shares Vintage Vacation Photo With Instagram

Christie Brinkley shared a vintage vacation photo with Instagram and allowed her followers a peek into a favorite trip she took with her late mother Marge. The photo, which the former model said was taken during a journey to Mexico, showed mother and daughter enjoying time and creating memories together in the locale.

The photo, which Christie said in the caption was from the late 1970s, showed the model and Marge looking away from the camera and out into what was likely a vista. The pair both wore oversized hats to protect them from the sun's rays. While it was unclear the colors of their comfy vacation wear as the photo is sepia-toned, Christie and Marge appear to have worn light-colored shirts and shorts in the image.

Their smiles were wide and bright, both appeared to have had a wonderful time taking the sweet photo. Both carried handcrafted bags to tote their belongings.

In the caption, Christie explained how much she missed her mother and that the two visited the country several times and always had a wonderful time. She also noted she visited the Las Hadas resort made famous in the 1979 Bo Derek and Dudley Moore film 10. Christie might have been around the age of 25 when the photo was taken but her official age was not listed in the caption.

If the year of the film is any indication, then this was around the time when Christie was one of the hottest models in the fashion industry. She appeared on three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers during the years 1979, 1980, and 1981. Christie was the first model to achieve that feat. It was also the period of time when she was nearing the end of her first marriage to artist Jean-Francois Allaux, whom she wed in 1973 when she was just 19. The couple divorced in 1981, reported Closer Weekly.

Marge Brinkley passed in September 2012, just two months after her husband and Christie's father, Don Brinkley.

Fans of the model and entertainment personality were touched by Christie's recollections of that happy time with her mother and shared their sentiments in the comments section of the share.

"You could be Sailor in this pic. I actually thought it was her until I read the caption. Your mom was gorgeous!" said one fan of Christie's who saw the striking similarities between a young Christie and her daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook.

Christie is also a mother to daughter Alexa Ray Joel with singer Billy Joel and son Jack Paris Brinkley Cook.

"Beautiful photo. She looks like a model too," said a second fan.

"Beautiful. Although everyone thinks your gorgeous Alexa looks like a combination of you and Billy Joel (greatest singer, songwriter in the world), I see so much of your beautiful mom in her smile," noted a third Instagram user.