May 24, 2020
Kate Beckinsale Gets In Touch With Her British Heritage In Hilarious Instagram Video

Actress Kate Beckinsale has been keeping her 4.3 million Instagram followers entertained with her humorous updates, many of which feature her cat, and her latest post was particularly charming. The short video was filmed in Kate's kitchen, and several elements of her home decor were visible in the background, including a large picture of Judy Garland on the wall and a dining table topped with flowers in a vase and surrounded by leather chairs.

Kate's ensemble was casual, and she wore a pair of figure-hugging black pants and a cropped white T-shirt with a cheeky phrase across the chest. She had music playing in the background and held a broom in her hands, sweeping a few pieces of debris on the ground. Her brunette locks were pulled up in a messy bun, accentuating her naturally stunning features.

Though she was indoors, she wore a pair of black boots as well. Her toned legs looked incredible in her tight jeans, and her sculpted arms were also visible in the T-shirt.

At one point in the video, Kate picked up her broom and shouted a few spirited phrases before continuing to sweep. Her commentary wouldn't have been out of place at a soccer game, as she seemed to be shouting the type of remarks that an announcer might make upon watching players on the field. She included three lion emoji in the caption, hinting to her fans who may not know that the song was the football anthem "Three Lions '98" from the band The Lightning Seeds.

She mentioned in the caption of the post that she was feeling "homesick" for Britain, and the silly update amused her eager followers.

Kate's cat didn't appear in her latest update, but there was still plenty for her fans to love. The post racked up over 561,500 views within just nine hours. It also received 2,082 comments from her eager fans, who did everything from shower her with compliments to critique her sweeping skills.

"England misses you back," one fan said, followed by a heart emoji.

"I feel a sudden urge to make a cup of tea and dip whatever I can find around into it," another follower added.

"I'm homesick too Kate. I had beans on toast today. Proper beans," another fan commented.

The band itself even spotted Kate's clip and left a comment on the post.

"Love this! Funnily enough, we released it on this day in 1996," the Lightning Seeds remarked.

Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Kate shared a short video in which she was playing the role of her cat's hairdresser and giving him a cut while also suggesting some scandalous beauty treatments.