May 20, 2020
Goldie Hawn, 74, Is Ageless In New Instagram Video

Goldie Hawn, 74, appeared ageless in a new Instagram video where she took the "Laughing Challenge." She also encouraged her 2.4 million followers to do the same as a way to relieve stress and bring joy to one another during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The actress promoted the quick way to a happier life by sharing a clip of herself seated on a brightly-colored chair in her home. She was stunning in a floral romper that had thin straps that rested atop her toned shoulders. The gorgeous garment flowed down over her body, ending in wide-legged pants that covered her feet as she sat.

"Hi everyone. I had a really good idea. I know laughter is so important. It helps so many parts of our being. It is great for our health. If we could just laugh once a day...I mean a baby laughs on an average of 72 times a day. I wondered where that laugh had gone. So let's do a challenge. If you could film yourself laughing, your kids laughing..." she said in the clip before stopping.

Goldie was interrupted by what appeared to be a long, feathery, green object held by partner Kurt Russell, moving it closer and closer to her face. She burst out laughing. Kurt continued to poke at Goldie, attempting to make her laugh even harder and causing her to yell out "stop it" as she giggled even more.

Although Goldie attempted to continue the video and talk about the health benefits that laughter can have, she was unable to get one sentence completed as she could not stop laughing at Kurt's actions.

At the close of the clip, Kurt passed Goldie a mask. She told him that she was okay because they lived together, but he insisted. In the clip, the actor also wore a mask and gloves. She finished her encouraging words about the power of laughter wearing the face-covering and telling her followers to shoot videos of themselves laughing and upload their finished clips to social media.

The clip has already been liked 554,408 times and counting.

Famous friends of Goldie were some of the first to like the post and comment. These included Melanie Griffith, Ariana Grande, and Rosanna Arquette. Fans of the actress loved the idea that something as simple as expressing pure joy at something could be beneficial to their overall health.

"Your laugh boosts my immunity!!!!!" exclaimed one fan.

"Brilliant!! Laughter really is the best medicine!" stated a second follower.