May 20, 2020
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Shows Off Cleavage In Revealing Top: 'Thinking About My Next Adventure'

Just one day after delighting her 1.2 million fans with what appeared to be a throwback photo from a pre-coronavirus pandemic shoot, Liz Katz was back on Instagram with a new update on Tuesday night, one where she flaunted her assets in a revealing top.

The photo showed Liz posing in what appeared to be her kitchen, with a white countertop and cabinet visible in the background. The cosplayer gazed at the camera with a contemplative expression on her face, wearing a halter-neck top with a snakeskin pattern that allowed her to showcase her ample cleavage, as well as the large tattoo on her shoulder. While the image was cropped just below her breasts, it was clear that the top also tied around her back, thus hinting at an even more revealing ensemble.

Though it wasn't clear what type of bottoms Liz was wearing, one of her thighs was partially visible in the shot. She also seemed to be rocking black thigh-high boots for the at-home photo op.

As is usually the case when she poses for photos at home, Liz appeared to go for a minimal makeup look. She similarly kept her accessories simple, merely opting for a black choker around her neck.

In the caption, Liz wrote that she was considering where to go for her "next adventure" before suggesting that she may have actually been thinking of what to eat or cook next. She then asked her fans where they're planning to go the next time they have a chance to go on an adventure.

In the four hours since the new post was uploaded, it has gotten more than 24,000 likes, as well as more than 200 comments from Liz's fans, who either answered the question she asked in the caption or simply dropped by to show some love for her looks and her outfit.

"Couch or bed," said one user, adding a shrug emoji.

"Going to sleep, unfortunately, not very exciting. Hope you found something good in the kitchen," a second follower remarked.

"To hospital to deliver a baby.." a third commenter offered, possibly referring to their job.

"Same. After a stressful final exam online, I'm brain dead," said a fourth person, who also asked Liz about the pregnancy she may have teased last month.

"You're looking great btw [heart emoji] when is the due date if you don't mind me asking?"
Prior to Tuesday night's update, Liz's last Instagram post featured her cosplaying as One Piece character Nami, wearing a racy bikini in a snap that has been liked more than 57,000 times since it went live on Monday.