May 20, 2020
Pauline Tantot Wears Nothing In New Instagram Post

Pauline Tantot shared a racy new photo with her 4 million Instagram fans today, and the model wore absolutely nothing for the occasion.

The picture was taken indoors, looking out of a small, rectangular window that was left open, offering a clear view of the model's figure. Pauline stood outside with her right leg propped out, turning her head in such a way to obscure her face. She placed her right hand on the top of her thigh. Her pose put her sideboob, her curvy, bare booty, and her toned legs on show.

Pauline wore her hair down and brushed her locks behind her shoulders. Her locks had dark roots and platinum blond highlights at the bottom with soft waves. She stood in the shadows, although the backdrop was drenched in sunlight. The side of her hair also glowed from the sun and brought attention to her locks.

There were large, leafy plants in the foreground, with a tree peeking through in the top corner of the frame. Beyond that was a large, well-manicured lawn. Clear, blue skies were visible with no clouds in sight. The rest of the photo beside the view of the outdoors was dimly lit.

Although it didn't look like the model didn't wear any accessories, her various tattoos peeked through. This included the writing tattoo on the back of her right arm and her crescent moon tattoo on her right forearm.

The update's geotag noted that Pauline was somewhere in the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

The post has been liked over 340,200 times so far, and her many admirers took to the comments section to discuss the risqué update.

This included a shoutout from her identical twin sister, Mathilde.

"Everything! If this is not art... I'm not your twin!" she exclaimed, and her message has been liked over 400 times.

"Wow that's real natural art," declared a second admirer.

"So effortlessly gorgeous," gushed a third social media user.

"Looking good keep it up," encouraged another devotee.

Pauline also left little to the imagination in another share from three days ago. That time, she posed alongside Mathilde and rocked sheer white shirts. Their choice to go braless left their nipples on show. The twins rocked high-waisted, light-colored denim jeans while facing the camera, with Pauline gazing at the camera with a fierce expression and Mathilde glancing down toward the ground. They stood outside with a green meadow behind them.