‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Confirmed By Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible 5 is a go, says Tom Cruise.

The star of Top Gun has confirmed that there will be a fifth movie in the Mission: Impossible series. Yup, more of Tom Cruise running and hanging from a wire is on the way. Tom Cruise confirmed the plans for Mission: Impossible 5 during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

When asked, Tom Cruise said he is working on the story, but didn’t give any further details. We can only say that it’s going to be tough to top Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The original Mission: Impossible had Tom Cruise as point man Ethan Hunt on a team led by Jon Voight’s Jim Phelps. As the mission develops, it becomes clear to him that there was a second team with the mission to intercept, and everyone else on the team ends up dead, or so he thinks, leaving him disavowed. In a last ditch effort to redeem himself, he recruits other disavowed agents to finish the mission.

Mission: Impossible II, directed by John Woo, was a more stylized approach to the Mission: Impossible series. The stylized direction even extended to having then-popular rap metal band Limp Bizkit performing the film’s theme, and a music video from Metallica. The story involved a terrorist attempting to use a pharmaceutical pandemic to profit from the cure.

Mission: Impossible III introduced us to one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best acted roles as a villain with a brain bomb that he sadistically implants in people’s heads, the last of which being Ethan Hunt himself. The film coincided with his marriage to Katie Holmes, with his girlfriend in the film resembling her quite a bit.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol gave us the scenario of the IMF force being completely disbanded after having been framed for the bombing of the Moscow Kremlin. Multiple missions to redeem his team end up failing, and even the masks the series is known for are partly discarded due to a malfunction in the technology.

Tom Cruise says in retrospect:

“I started Mission: Impossible hoping I could make many of them. It’s a character that I can grow with. At that time it was the most expensive film in the history of Paramount Pictures, and the first film I was producing. It’s been pretty exciting. Seeing an audience respond… to have that experience is really wonderful. I’ll make a bunch of those. I’ll make as many as people want to see… because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make.”

Despite turning 51 this year, Tom Cruise says he feels good and still excited about making as many films in the Mission: Impossible series as, er, possible.

How do you feel about Tom Cruise’s confirmation of a fifth Mission: Impossible film?