May 20, 2020
Heidi Klum Gets 'Social Distancing Highlights' In Sexy And Hilarious Instagram Post

In a sexy and hilarious Instagram post uploaded on Tuesday, fashion icon and former model Heidi Klum proved that there is a safe, but not easy, way to get highlights during the coronavirus pandemic. In the picture she shared with her 7.4 million followers, Klum was getting her hair done by her professional stylist, Lorenzo Martin. But she definitely wasn't in a salon and they weren't wearing typical hair appointment attire.

Martin and Klum were outside on a stone patio overlooking a scenic backyard. Klum perched on a simple black chair, sitting on a few towels. Klum wore a skimpy, black string bikini top with lace accents. She also wore sexy fishnet stockings that were pulled up to her waistline. Her legs were crossed, so it was impossible to tell whether she was wearing panties under the fishnets, though a black line of fabric below the waist of the fishnets suggested that she may have been wearing a minuscule thong or G-string.

The sensual outfit was topped off with a sleek pair of black stilettos.

Klum was also wearing a mask so that she could adhere to the CDC's recommendations about coronavirus safety. Her gorgeous blond hair fell messily over her face and neck, with some strands wrapped in foil.

Klum's stylist, Martin, was also sporting quite interesting attire. Instead of the black smock that hairstylists usually wear, Martin was using an open umbrella to protect his clothing -- and himself -- from the hair dyeing process and contact with Klum. Two holes were cut out of the umbrella so that he could reach through and work on Klum's hair.

Martin was also wearing black gloves and a chic black mask so he too could follow protocols to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Though most of Martin's actual outfit couldn't be seen, his stylish skinny jeans and chunky black sneakers made a statement all on their own.

In the caption, Klum triumphantly declared that she'd figured out how to safely get her hair done and expressed her affection for her stylist, who was willing to go to any lengths to do her highlights.

Within an hour of posting, the picture had accumulated over 51,000 likes and more than 500 comments.

One Instagram user joked, "Could you send him to me please? Really need a haircut.. Thank you in advance."

Some fans simply commented on how amazing Klum looked and how hilarious the photo was. Another common theme in the comments was users tagging their stylists and asking if they could get their hair done this way.

According to ET, Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, have been spending quality time while quarantining together. They stayed apart for a bit at the beginning of their quarantine because they were both experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms. Thankfully, they both tested negative.

Kudos to Klum for finding a truly unique solution to a pandemic problem that had everyone else stumped.