May 20, 2020
Elizabeth Hurley Works Out In A String Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley delighted her 1.6 million Instagram followers with a stunning video that showed the British actress exercising outdoors. As she performed an arm workout, the 54-year-old Bedazzled star put her phenomenal figure on full display in a printed bikini from her own swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Elizabeth's video was shot on a patio outside her home. She was surrounded by gorgeous greenery, including small shrubs, decorative grass, manicured hedges, towering trees, and an expansive lawn. A few pieces of outdoor patio furniture were visible behind her, and someone was stretched out on a wicker lounger. A curly-haired black dog was sitting stone-still beside the mystery person.

Elizabeth's video was filmed in the evening as the sun was beginning to set. Instead of music, she exercised to the lovely sound of birds singing. Her workout wear was also unconventional. She wore a printed string bikini that suited her serene surroundings. The bathing suit was white with a pretty pink paisley pattern. Her adjustable top had a silver ring detail in the center of the bust and triangle cups that clung to her ample assets. Elizabeth's matching bottoms were a low-rise style with string ties on the sides. They showcased her long, lean torso and her slender hips.

The age-defying actress demonstrated how she keeps her arms looking slim but toned by working out with a pair of small dumbbells. The weights were a pink hue that matched her bikini's pattern. She turned to address the camera as she utilized the equipment.

"Everyday, I try to do a few arm exercises," she said.

The setting sun gave Elizabeth's flawless skin a soft, golden glow as she raised her face to the sky. She was holding the dumbbells together with her elbows bent, and lifting the weights up and down over her head. When she turned to face the camera, she held her arms up at 90-degree angles out to her sides. She brought them together in the center of her body and returned to the starting position. She did this two times before performing a stretch by lifting the dumbbell in her left hand over her head and bending to the side.

For her workout, Elizabeth left her long brunette locks loose so that they tumbled down her back. A deep side part added a touch of glam to her hairstyle. Her lips were a subtle pink hue, and it looked like her striking eyes had been accentuated with dark eyeliner.

Over the span of a short period, Elizabeth's brief workout video racked up over 47,000 likes from her awed admirers.

"Oh wow, what a figure!" read one remark in the comments section of her post.

"Dear Lord you are gorgeous!" gushed another fan.

"The hottest woman on earth... with the smallest dumbbells on earth," a third commenter quipped.

The caption of Elizabeth's post indicated that her video was recent, but she's also been treating her fans to some sexy throwback content. She was pictured wearing a blue bikini with a bandeau top in a photo from her trip to the Maldives.