May 20, 2020
Ashley Alexiss Shows Off 'Pre-Quarantine' Hourglass Body In Sexy Shorts & Crop Top Selfie

Ashley Alexiss showed off her pre-quarantine body with a sexy selfie on Tuesday. She also shared that she'd gained some weight, and her followers on Instagram appeared to appreciate the model's honesty about her life under stay at home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The model stood in front of a mirror with a silver frame and beveled sides to snap the old school selfie, which showed off a bed and nightstand with a lamp in the background. In the picture, Ashley wore a white and gray top with neon yellow trim from Fashion Nova, which she tied up under her ample chest, and she paired that with matching gray and yellow short shorts that featured a drawstring. She posed with one hand on her nipped-in waist, and the other hip jutted out, and the position showed off Ashley's voluptuous hourglass figure with an expanse of her flat stomach and thick thighs visible.

The model's long blond hair swept over one shoulder from a deep side part in flowing waves. She had long, manicured fingernails, and one finger had a ring on it. Ashley appeared to have a dark hair tie around her wrist, with no other accessories. It isn't clear if she had any makeup on in the snap.

In the caption, Ashley revealed that because she'd traveled less and felt more anxious while staying home to help flatten the curve for COVID-19, she'd gained some weight, and she vowed to give herself time and grace as she worked to get back into her pre-quarantine shape. She also made a joke about her relationship with her refrigerator. Her Instagram followers shared some love, with more than 8,100 hitting the "like" button in just a few minutes. Plus, over 120 Instagrammers took the time to share an uplifting comment, with the flame emoji showing up often throughout the replies.

"Tell me about that codependent relationship with a fridge I can't get away from him he's killing me," noted one fan.

"You look amazing no matter what, babe. Don't stress it," a second devotee urged.

"I think I've gained 15 lbs so far," admitted a third follower.

"Body goals," gushed a fourth user, who also included a hands up emoji.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Ashley showed off her sexy curves in a patriotic bikini from her size-inclusive swimwear line, and she urged her followers to enjoy their upcoming kickoff to summer holiday, Memorial Day, despite current concerns about the coronavirus.