Demi Rose Sizzles In Red Thong Bikini Bottoms, Teases ‘Heaven Is A State Of Mind’

Demi Rose attends KISS Haunted house Party 2018
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Brunette British bombshell Demi Rose posted a new photo on her Instagram page on Tuesday afternoon that immediately went viral among her millions of fans. It is not uncommon for Demi to pose in a revealing bikini or in front of a gorgeous landscape, but in this case, the combination was a clear and instantaneous winner with her millions of followers.

Demi’s new upload did not reveal the location where this jaw-dropping photo was taken. Rather, she simply listed the locale as “dreaming” in the geotag. Based on the shot she shared, it is easy to see why the popular Instagram model was feeling dreamy about this one.

The model was photographed from behind as she stood in a few inches of ocean water. The sun was just over the water along the horizon and Demi was gazing out toward the bright yellow and blue tones in the sky. The water crashed around her and the sunlight glistened off of the surface of the ocean.

The British beauty wore red thong bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination. Her iconic curvy hips and round booty drew in the viewer’s eye and Demi’s stunning hourglass figure definitely generated a lot of heat. She wore her long, brunette hair down over her back, seemingly obscuring any signs of a bikini top.

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Heaven is a state of mind. ????

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Within minutes, tens of thousands of people had swarmed to like the post. More than 70,000 people showed their love for this one in less than 20 minutes after it first popped up on Demi’s Instagram page. In addition to that, more than 500 comments were posted containing plenty of praise for the gorgeous brunette.

“The best photo in the world,” declared one follower.

“Heaven is the shape of your curves and booty my love,” praised a fan.

“You are so beautiful baby,” wrote another follower.

“YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND,” someone else exclaimed.

Those who have followed the 25-year-old model on Instagram for a while have probably noticed that Demi does seem to have a love for photos like this one. There are numerous times in the past where she has shared oceanside sunset posts showing her wearing a skimpy bikini, but it doesn’t look as if her fans ever tire of them.

In this instance, Demi said in her caption that heaven is a state of mind. Quite a few of her followers agreed with her sentiment and it doesn’t look as if anybody felt the need to argue that this particular moment in the British model’s life most definitely looked quite heavenly.