Canadian Babe Ashley Resch Flaunts Her Curves In A Crop Top & Thong, Thanks Fans For Support

Ashley Resch uploaded a provocative pic to her Instagram page on Tuesday afternoon in celebration of reaching 900,000 followers. The Canadian hottie thanked her fans for their support and for her helping her reach such an impressive milestone.

For the photo, Ashley stripped down to a sheer crop top and a skimpy blue thong that left little to the imagination. She perched sideways on a gray couch with her legs bent in front of her. The model ran one hand through her curly blond hair and extended the other along the back of the couch. She made a sultry expression with her face while peering seductively at the camera from beneath a few loose tendrils.

Many of Ashley's tattoos were visible, including the sizable graphic traversing her thigh and lower stomach. The tattoos adorning her right arm and leg were also on display.

It appeared that the model had opted for a full face of makeup with an application that seemed to include pink lipstick, winged eyeliner, mascara, and bronzer. It looked like she dusted a little shimmery highlight along the tops of her cheekbones and into the creases of her nose.

Ashley did not indicate her location in the photo, but it looked like it may have been taken inside her house. Her sofa, which was adorned with a few decorative teal pillows, looked quite cozy. The bottoms of multiple framed images were visible hanging on the wall behind her head.

Aside from her message of gratitude, Ashley also used her caption to give her photographer, Serene Zena, a shoutout. She also added a butterfly and black heart emoji.

Fans seemed to love Ashley's latest Instagram update. The post has over 11,000 likes so far and more than 160 comments. Dozens of users congratulated her on the new milestone, although several people thought she deserved many more followers than 900k.

"You deserve 900 million not 900k," stated one fan.

"Because you're worth it in terms of social media and how everyone creates this fake image of how fantastic their life is and how amazing everything is, its refreshing to follow someone who is real and isn't afraid to call it like it is. Much respect," wrote another admirer.

"Your hair like that though," chimed in a third Instagrammer, trailing their comment with an okay sign emoji.

Last Thursday, Ashley stunned her fans with a smoking-hot visual of herself in a zipped-down black bodysuit that flattered her figure. She ensured that her admirers were given a view of her plunging cleavage and thick thighs.