Julia Rose Poses Topless In Tiny Black Camouflage Shorts Asking Fans To ‘Come Cuddle’

Julia Rose on Instagram.
Julia Rose / Instagram

World Series flasher Julia Rose showed off on Instagram on Tuesday wearing nothing but a pair of tiny camouflage shorts, which her fans appeared to appreciate.

In the image, Julia leaned against a light-colored piece of furniture as she posed topless, and the background featured a staircase and plenty of large windows. The Shag Mag founder used her hand to help protect her modesty, showing off plenty of her ample cleavage to viewers. The fingers that covered her chest featured a long, light pink manicure. The model paired the topless look with short black shorts that had a camouflage print and a wide white, gray, and black striped waistband. The look showed off her sun-kissed skin, ribcage tattoo, flat stomach, and shapely shoulders.

Julia wore her long highlighted brunette hair pulled back in a ponytail with long pieces that artfully framed her face. She appeared to have on some eyeshadow as well as dark mascara while her cheekbones seemed to have highlighter and bronzer. The entrepreneur’s lips appeared especially full, and they looked somewhat glossy and pink. She accessorized with two choker style thin gold chains, and one featured a word on it.

In the caption, Julia teased her fans by suggesting that somebody come over to cuddle with her, and they responded en masse. In about an hour, more than 235,000 Instagrammers hit the “like” button. Plus, more than 1,900 accounts also took the time to leave the model a comment, with many choosing the flame emoji to express their views that she looked hot in the shot.

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“Jake letting you cuddle with other people now? Simp!” wrote one follower who referenced Julia’s possible boyfriend.

“Quick boys get that screenshot in before it’s deleted,” a second devotee warned in case Instagram removed the image due to its nudity guidelines, which don’t allow the female nipple.

“I would, but I don’t know how Jake would feel about that…” commented a third follower who also worried about the model’s partner’s feelings.

“I would love to cuddle you, Julia, but I cannot betray my bro, Jake. When he’s done with you, I will happily do it everything,” a fourth Instagrammer declared, including several red heart emoji.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia caught the eye of many of her fans when she shared a picture of herself in which she was completely nude while taking a shower. In that post, she implored her followers to say hi to her in the reply section instead of scrolling by.