Jena Frumes Shows Some Sass With Sommer Ray & Jason Derulo, Notes It 'Felt Nice To Be In Nature'

Social media starlet Jena Frumes shared a video on TikTok on Monday that showed her embracing an opportunity to get outside and take in some fresh air. Jena didn't go solo for this outing though. She headed out with singer Jason Derulo, Instagram model Sommer Ray, and influencer Tayler Holder and the four gathered near a road sign to do a little dance.

Jena shared the video clip on her TikTok page and tagged Sommer, Jason, and Tayler in it. The quartet stood on the pavement of a road with a sign behind them stating that face coverings were required. The four stood side-by-side and did a little dance together, and they did all have face masks with them.

Both Jena and Sommer wore workout shorts that showcased their athletic legs. Jena wore a white sports bra, while Sommer appeared to have on a black sports bra with a cropped white T-shirt over it. Both fit ladies were able to flaunt their chiseled abs with their sporty ensembles. Sommer's blond hair was pulled up into a messy topknot, while Jena kept her natural curls free.

Naturally, the group relied on a snippet of something of Jason's for this TikTok video. They had a short routine thrown together for "Savage Love" and in the end, Sommer tossed out a couple of karate-style kicks as all four of them crowded in close to the camera.

@jenafrumesFelt nice to be in nature! (Yes we are allowed to do this) @sommerray @jasonderulo @itstaylerholder♬ original sound - jenafrumes
In her caption, Jena noted that it felt nice to be out in nature. It looked like she anticipated some questions or criticism from her followers because she added that yes, they are allowed to get out together to do something like this.

Jena didn't note where this was filmed. However, it seems likely it was somewhere in Los Angeles where she's been based throughout these last couple of months of the coronavirus stay-at-home requirements. She has noted in some previous social media posts that she missed traveling, so it's easy to see why she was so excited about the outing in this video.

The video clip was a big hit with Jena's 1.8 million TikTok followers. So far, the video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times and received nearly 180,000 likes.

Almost 1,000 comments poured in as well and a lot of people loved this powerful combination of personalities.

"you all look so happy," noted one follower.

"my four favorite people in one video," a fan said.

"This is the most interesting yet best group of people we didn't know we needed together. LOL" declared another follower.

"THIS VIDEO COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT," someone else praised.

Jena has developed quite a love for TikTok and shares new content there regularly. It looks like her fans cannot get enough of what she posts, and anything with this trio of buddies is virtually guaranteed to be a huge hit.