Nastia Liukin Flaunts Her Stuff In A Bikini & Shows Off Her Handstand Form For TikTok 'Nursery' Trend

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin shared a new video with her TikTok followers that quickly received a lot of love. She didn't provide any explanation about what she was doing, but it looks like her fans didn't need one.

The new TikTok video was posted on Tuesday afternoon and showed Nastia enjoying some time by the pool. This poolside location is a spot where the Olympic champion has spent a lot of time over the past few weeks during quarantine and in this case, it appears that she had some energy to burn.

Nastia wore a light-colored bikini and had her blond hair pulled up into a topknot. She wore sunglasses and was barefoot as she pranced around on the concrete next to her pool.

It seems that this new TikTok video was Nastia's take on the popular "Nursery" trend that has become quite popular on the social media site in recent days. The trend uses the bbno$ song "Nursery" to feature someone first stumbling around and then strutting down an imaginary runway with a model swagger.

Initially, Nastia did some flailing and stumbling as is how the trend starts out. Then, instead of doing a runway walk, the gymnast shifted into a handstand and took several steps forward while walking on her hands.

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The bikini that Nastia chose for this day by the pool was a simple one, but it was quite flattering on the gymnast's athletic lean figure. As the TikTok video started, fans could see Nastia's chiseled abs and long legs. Once she was in her handstand, her pert derriere was on full display.

The gymnast's followers were quick to show their love for this new video. Within a couple of hours, more than 6,500 people had viewed the clip and there were dozens of comments as well.

"You can't even pretend to stumble around ungracefully," teased one fan.

"I love how she trumbles so gracefully haha but literal queeennnn!!!" praised a follower.

"Go nastia! Get it! Admire you so much in your gymnastics!" wrote another fan.

"BEST VERSION OF THIS TREND!!!" declared someone else.

Nastia has been sharing numerous social media posts from Texas throughout the past couple of months of quarantine. As it turns out, she has officially made Texas her home again. About a week ago, the Olympic gymnast shared via an Instagram post that she had formally bid farewell to Los Angeles.

The gymnast noted that there is a lot she will miss about Los Angeles, but she also said she was very excited to finally be home forever. She said she will always be a Texas girl, and fans can see in this TikTok video that she feels comfortable, confident, and happy by that pool that is home to her.