Liz Katz Sports Skimpy Bikini For 'One Piece'-Inspired Cosplay

On Monday, May 18, cosplay model Liz Katz delighted fans by uploading an Instagram post that showed her dressed as the character Nami from the anime series One Piece.

In the photo, the 31-year-old posed in an ocean at an undisclosed location. The image had been edited to include a graphic of the Thousand Sunny pirate ship in the background of the shot.

Liz sported a teal-and-white striped bikini, similar to what the character Nami has worn on the show. The skimpy swimwear put her incredible cleavage and curvaceous hips on full display. She accessorized the look with a replica of the navigator's bracelet and a pair of brown ankle boots.

Liz wore a long red wig to better resemble the Straw Hat Pirates crew member. She also drew the design of Nami's blue ink tattoo on her upper arm. In addition, she enhanced her already gorgeous features with a full face of makeup. The striking application seemed to have featured sculpted eyebrows, highlighter, voluminous lashes, and nude lip gloss.

For the snap, Liz struck a seductive pose by kneeling with her knees spread. She tugged on the front of her bikini top, exposing her breasts. The picture had been censored, however, with a beige-colored bar, presumably so that it would adhere to Instagram's community guidelines regarding nudity. The cosplayer tilted her head and gazed directly at the photographer, with a small smile playing on her lips.


In the caption, Liz made reference to "the Grand Line," an ocean that is heavily featured in the series.

The provocative post appears to be a fan favorite as it soon racked up more than 50,000 likes. Quite a few of her admirers also proceeded to shower her with compliments in the comments section.

"You look stunning!! This is the most gorgeous Nami cosplay adaption ever," gushed a fan, adding both a heart-eyes and blue heart emoji to the comment.

"Always loved Nami but you are way better darling," added a different person.

"What a beautiful photo, you look absolutely amazing in this!" remarked another commenter.

"D*mn darling you are very GORGEOUS AND SEXY," chimed in a fourth Instagram user.

As fans are aware, Liz often cosplays as characters from popular films, television shows, and video games. Recently, she uploaded a picture in which she wore a costume based on the character Tifa Lockhart from the game Final Fantasy VII. That post has been liked over 80,000 times since it was shared.