Brooke Shields' Daughter Purposely Smacks Her In The Face With Her Purse For TikTok Challenge

Brooke Shields was the victim of a new TikTok craze, but she looked more ticked than anything.

The 54-year old mom of two was smacked in the face by her 17-year-old daughter, Rowan Henchy, as part of the viral "Purse Challenge" that's making the rounds on the video-sharing platform.

In a video also posted to her Instagram page, Brooke was seen sitting in the front seat of a car as her daughter Rowan rifled through her purse. The teen then whipped her purse around and purposely smacked her famous mom in the face with it. While Rowan began to laugh hysterically, the former Suddenly Susan star appeared stunned at first before asking her daughter if she smacked her on purpose.

Once Rowan admitted that it wasn't an accident, Brooke called it an "a**hole move."

"What do you have in your bag? I have a fat lip!" Brooke then said before beginning to cautiously laugh.

In the caption to the post, Brooke noted that "apparently" her daughter's prank was for TikTok. The star added that she was in "disbelief" over the whole thing.

Fans and celebrity friends reacted to the stunt in the comments to Brooke's post.

"A great way to get full sensual lips, my dear," supermodel Helena Christen wrote.

"I can't stop laughing at this?!! Omg I'm crying," actress Eva Longoria added.

But other followers thought the stunt was mean-spirited.

"[Eva Longoria] Let's see how much you gonna laugh if that happened to you and a metal part of the bag went into your eyes or broke your tooth," one of Brooke's followers fired back.

Another follower agreed.

"Really? My 16 yo daughter thought it was awful and said 'She just kept laughing & didn't apologize.'"

The follower went on to ask if this was the same daughter that Brooke baked a birthday cake for and recently celebrated on Instagram, and suggested maybe the teen could have done a fun TikTok dance with her mom instead.

"Sorry I guess we have different ideas on what's funny," the commenter continued, adding that while Brookes' daughter surely didn't mean to hurt her, she showed no remorse over the incident.

While fans were divided on the video, Brooke did reply.

"It's so wrong but so funny!!"

The Purse Challenge has been making waves on TikTok. The stunt features two people in a car where one of them hits the other person in the head with a purse, usually after grabbing the bag out of the back seat.