Melissa Riso Shows Off Hot Body Poolside With A Floaty: 'It Was Love At First Sight'

Melissa Riso showed off her hot body in a sexy poolside shot that included a blowup pool toy, and she appeared ready to kiss it, noting that she fell in love with the floaty at first sight. It seemed as if her Instagram followers appreciated the fun-loving post.

Melissa sat on the side of a pool with her feet in the water, and she held onto a large white, blue, and pink blowup floaty, and she pursed her lips as if she was about to kiss it. In the shot, the model wore a turquoise string bikini that featured gold chains on both pieces. It showed off her ample cleavage, toned shoulders, and trim midsection along with her shapely legs. Plus, the model's sunkissed skin seemed to be flawless in the snap.

The actress also wore two different length gold chains with charms on them that hung around her neck, and a cuff style bracelet adorned one wrist. She wore her long, dark hair straight, and it flowed down her back to other wast. Melissa wore gold-framed sunglasses, and her high cheekbones appeared to sparkle with a highlighter. Her lips also looked like they might have color on them. The placement of the celebrity hairstylist's hands showed off her long, light-colored manicure.

In the caption, the actress joked about falling in love with her floaty, which may have been a llama or a sheep, as she enjoyed some sun beside the refreshing looking pool. Her fans responded positively, with more than 4,750 hit the "like" button while more than 115 took a moment to compose an uplifting reply. The flame emoji appeared many times throughout the comments, indicating many people felt that Melissa looked hot beside the cool pool.

"Right on them words for sure! Extremely beautiful view. What amazingly beautiful sexy killer legs cute bikini!" gushed one devotee.

"There's a trope about love, in your words. A path to happiness is visible in your eyes. Your gaze gathers pearls from the depths of my heart. He collects a thousand and one colored roses, your laughter from my heart's garden. Come, let's hold hands with you. Let's talk, eye to eye, knee to knee. Let there be no trace of pain and sorrow in our hearts," a second Instagrammer wrote.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Melissa showed off her toned legs in a photoshoot where she wore some snakeskin boots and a short leather skirt with a matching cropped top.