‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Celebrates Big Milestone With Son Bentley

Maci Bookout attends the Bridal Fashion Show
John Phillips / Getty Images

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom posted a sweet video on her Instagram page Monday night celebrating a big academic milestone for her oldest child Bentley. The 11-year-old is done with elementary school, and Maci was full of pride as she celebrated this moment with her son.

The Instagram post included a clip of Maci and Bentley buckled up and riding in a vehicle with the top back and the wind blowing through their hair. A song could faintly be heard in the background, and the Teen Mom star was singing some of the lyrics.

It was quite hard to hear the song, but Maci had a lot of fun adjusting the lyrics to suit the situation with Bentley. The pre-teen smiled as he listened as his mother sang about him having a green light to middle school, and he giggled at times.

In her caption, Maci said that “Benny” was now headed to middle school. Due to the ongoing coronavirus issues, Bentley’s school couldn’t have a traditional fifth-grade graduation ceremony. Instead, they whipped together an alternative event held in the parking lot.

Maci noted that they were taking full advantage of the moment, and she added a hashtag about things that matter. While Bentley probably would have liked the traditional experience with his classmates, it looks like he created some fun memories with his mom with this alternative event that he’ll probably never forget.

The video in the Teen Mom star’s Instagram post was viewed more than 785,000 times overnight. In addition, more than 850 comments poured in as people congratulated Bentley and commented on how adorable he was.

“We literally watched him grow up, how insane is that! Congrats benny!” noted one of Maci’s fans.

“He’s your mini me! So cute,” wrote another fan.

“I love Bentley!!! You’re doing a great job with him,” praised a follower.

“He is such a handsome kid. Beautiful smile. Good luck in Middle School young man,” someone else shared.

As Teen Mom fans know, Bentley’s biological father is Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards. Things have been strained between the boy’s parents for quite some time now, and Maci recently noted that she really doesn’t communicate with him due to a restraining order.

Maci didn’t say specifically, but it appeared that she attended this parking lot graduation event solo with Bentley. By the looks of this video, he adored sharing this fun experience with his mother and didn’t let any potential disappointment about the extenuating circumstances bother him.