Alexa Collins Looks Like A Babe In Crop Top & Tiny Shorts

Alexa Collins snaps a selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins looked like a total hottie in her most recent Instagram share. The photo showed the model clad in a sexy, black two-piece set that did nothing but favors for her fit figure.

Alexa was snapped in a bathroom, though the geotag did not indicate her exact location. The model struck a hot pose in front of a mirror, which showed the reflection of a shower that was steamed up and appeared to have just been used. She stood in front of a wooden vanity with a white marble top, cocking her head to the side and gazing into the camera. Alexa ran one hand through her long, blond locks, and she held a product from Manscaped in the other. Also behind her was a box of goodies from the popular company. In the caption, Alexa provided fans with a code for 20 percent off.

The model slipped into something comfy yet sexy for the photo op. On top, she rocked a tiny tank top that was cropped at her ribs and exposed her fit abs for the camera. The piece boasted thick sleeves that rested on her shoulders and allowed her slender arms to be seen. It also possessed a scooping neckline that only flaunted a teasing glimpse of cleavage while the bottom of the garment appeared to have been cut and was slightly frayed. The tank top also bared the Manscaped logo across Alexa’s chest in bold white letters.

Her bottoms were just as sexy and looked like they provided the model some comfort as they were constructed of stretchy fabric. Its thick silk waistband rested just below her navel and exposed her trim abs for the camera while they also bared the Manscaped logo on them. The rest of the shorts sat snug on her lower half and accentuated her tiny frame and midsection.

Alexa opted to go jewelry-free in the photo, but her manicured nails looked picture-perfect. She styled her platinum blond tresses with a side part and hair spilled messily down to her abs. Her look would not be complete without a striking application of glam, which brought out all of her bold features and looked to include eyeliner, mascara, blush, and highlighter.

Fans gave the photo plenty of praise with over 3,000 likes and 30-plus comments in a matter of minutes.

“Good morning Beautiful Princess, Kiss,” one fan wrote.

“Thanks for the advice babe,” a second fan added with a single red heart emoji.

“Incredibly gorgeous babe,” another social media user added.