Katie Bell Sizzles In Red Bikini, Shows Off Her Busty Assets & Hourglass Curves

Katie Bell takes a selfie
Katie Bell / Instagram

Instagram model Katie Bell posted a new photo on social media on Monday that quickly generated a big response from her followers. The snap showed just a portion of Katie’s fabulous figure, but she focused on all the right parts in the opinions of her fans.

The new Instagram post showed Katie wearing a bright-red bikini. The snap was cropped to show her figure only from the neck down to the upper thighs, leaving her face entirely out of the shot.

While Katie chose not to show her face in this photo, she showed off plenty of her phenomenal physique. The red bikini top barely contained her bosom and it was impossible to miss her very deep cleavage.

The red bikini bottoms were simple and beautifully showcased her curvy hips. Katie had her torso twisted slightly and this position gave her an opportunity to flaunt her flat tummy and hourglass curves.

This post did contain a second slide, but the photo wasn’t of Katie. It appeared to be the Pokemon character Pikachu, who looked a bit stunned or concerned. The suggestion would seem to be that Pikachu was perhaps a bit rattled by the bikini photo of Katie’s, much like many of her followers were.

Katie did not include a caption of any kind with this post, but it seems that she really didn’t need one. In just 45 minutes, more than 50,000 of the model’s 2 million followers had already liked the new shot.

The Instagram post also prompted nearly 600 people to comment within minutes of the photo first being shared.

“I think that’s what angels look like,” wrote one fan.

“This is what a goddess looks like,” shared someone else.

“Wow so so gorgeous honey,” praised a follower.

“Gorgeous Hot & Sexy Katie. You have a perfect body,” another fan said.

It looks like Katie has developed quite the affinity for the color red. Based on this bikini snap and a few of her other recent Instagram posts, it is easy to see why she seems to love this color so much.

One recent video that Katie shared on social media showed her wearing red lingerie as she flaunted her stuff. Another recent post showed her wearing a lacy red crop top and the color certainly does look fabulous on her.

No matter what Katie is wearing, she raises heart rates and this new post is no exception. Many of the model’s fans did seem to miss seeing her gorgeous face, but the sizzling-hot bikini shot was a big success nonetheless.