WWE's Paige Sizzles In A Black Bikini, Teases Quarantine Has Her In A Bathing Suit Most Of The Time Now

WWE starlet Paige showed fans what she has been doing a lot of during quarantine, and people went wild over this Instagram post of hers. It is not necessarily very often that she flaunts her figure in a bikini, but this latest upload showed her doing just that.

Paige's Sunday Instagram update featured her showing some sass as she snapped a selfie indoors. She was wearing a black bikini and joked about how this is probably the most tanned she has ever been.

The WWE star -- whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis -- also quipped that she has been in a bathing suit about 80 percent of the time during this ongoing quarantine period. As the post included two photos, Paige noted that the real treat came with the second snap. That one had a goofy alien filter added to distort Paige's body and face, seemingly cracking her up in the process.

In the initial photo, Paige held the camera in one hand to snap the selfie as she stood with her other elbow bent and her hand on her torso. She cocked a hip and tilted her head slightly, her long, dark hair parted on the side with her tresses cascading over her shoulders.

The simple black top allowed Paige to flaunt much of her deep cleavage. The swimwear, as a whole, accentuated the retired pro wrestler's amazing curves, giving followers a solid look at her chiseled abs and lean legs.

A few weeks ago, Paige shared a few photos showing her wearing this same flattering bikini. In those snaps, she was outdoors dipping her toes in the pool and playing with her dog.

Sunday's new Instagram update caused quite a stir among the WWE superstar's admirers. In less than 24 hours, more than 500,000 of her 5.8 million followers had liked the post.

More than 5,000 comments piled up under Paige's new update as well.

"Killing the game," wrote one fan.

"You're so perfect I can't even I LOVE YOU," declared a follower.

"Keeps getting hotter by the day...my lord," detailed another person.

"So f*cking sexy you are the true WWE Queen," someone else shared.

Earlier this year, there was a lot of buzz about what Paige's plans were in terms of potentially returning to the ring. The coronavirus pandemic has turned things upside down for many people like her, but it looks as if she has been embracing this downtime.

By the looks of the response to the new upload, Paige's WWE fans are thrilled to see what she is doing during her quarantine. She seems to be enjoying her plentiful bikini time, and her fans are likely hoping she doesn't change gears anytime soon.