Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Has Questions As The Big Necklace Secret Looms

Cynthia Watros portrays Nina Reeves on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode hint that some critical moments involving Nelle Benson and Nina Reeves are on the way. The court hearing regarding Wiley’s custody has started and Nelle has been hoping that Nina would help her prevail. Viewers should see which way Nina chooses to go on this during the May 19 show.

At the end of Monday’s episode, the sneak peek for Tuesday revealed some of what is ahead. Nelle already dropped the bombshell in court that she got married to Julian Jerome, and her lawyer Martin Gray did a solid job of laying out the case for her to get custody of Wiley.

However, Nelle is going to need more than a marriage certificate and a resistant husband by her side to win over the judge. This is where Nina comes in, but she might be a bit of a resistant ally too.

Nelle asked Nina to be a character witness on her behalf, a request that is a pretty big one. Nelle has only been working for Nina for a short time, and the Crimson editor intended to funnel whatever she learned to Carly to help Michael.

However, Nelle has grown on Nina and that could prompt an alliance change here. The sneak peek for Tuesday shows Nelle in a different outfit, talking to Nina in her office at Crimson. Nelle will share the big news about her wedding to Julian, and Nina will be curious to know how she pulled this off.

Nelle can’t exactly tell Nina the truth, but she will surely come up with some sort of story that seems convincing enough. For example, Nelle may say that she and Julian bonded over their respective experiences of feeling the loss of Wiley from their lives. Whatever it is that Nelle says, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll win Nina over with this.

According to Soap Central, Nelle’s skills at manipulation will be sharper than ever this week. Soon she will put on a masterful performance of some sort, but viewers may see something else juicy before that.

Nelle has the other half of that heart necklace that Nina has been longing over. Recently it was revealed that Nelle has had this since she was a child, and she was seen holding it in her hand as she sat in court during Monday’s show. Could Nina perhaps see Nelle holding the necklace this week?

When the show revealed that Nelle was the one who had the necklace that seemingly paired with Nina’s, plenty of questions remained. How did Frank end up with Nelle? What does Nelle know about the necklace? Nelle had been shown with a jewelry box that contained the necklace, but now she was shown holding it and that signals that it’s very meaningful to her.

Viewers wonder if there’s still a twist about Nelle being Nina’s daughter coming. However, General Hospital spoilers have seemingly indicated that this relationship connection is legitimate. Nina will be stunned by a shocking turn of events relatively soon, but it’s not known just how much more of that necklace will be seen this week.