Restaurant encourages restroom quickies on Valentine’s Day

Do your Valentine’s Day plans include getting busy in a Burger King bathroom?

I read your mind, didn’t I? Romantic, but have you considered something a little more upscale? If the idea of bonking where you eat doesn’t make you want to puke and you’re in Canada, a restaurant called Mildred’s Kitchen scored a free press coup this week with an unorthodox Valentine’s Day promotion encouraging lusty patrons to get their rocks off in the restroom. The words “shag in our facilities” aren’t mentioned, of course, but careful verbiage on the restaurant’s website paints a clear enough picture:

On its website, Mildred’s asks: “Have you given any thought to moving beyond the bedroom?

“Check out Mildred’s Sexy Bathrooms throughout the weekend of Big Love. You get the picture.”

An owner of the restaurant confirms the innuendo, and the restaurant hopes to become one of “101 places to have sex before you die.”

“We’ve always had little trysts in our bathrooms,” says chef/co-owner Donna Dooher, pointing to lingering weekday lunches as a popular time. “We’re taking it to the next level on Valentine’s weekend.”

Local public health officials have no problem with the promotion either- they say the encouraged activities are “pretty much similar to the other human functions going on in there.” Way to kill my libido and appetite for food in one fell swoop.