Barack Obama Blasting Donald Trump Because He Has Reached His 'Breaking Point,' Says CNN

Former President Barack Obama has been largely silent about the current administration, but in recent days, he has become more vocally critical about Donald Trump and his team. CNN says that's because Obama has finally reached his "breaking point" and is so concerned about the handling of the coronavirus pandemic that he feels compelled to speak out.

CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower appeared in an interview on the network's New Day, hosted by John Berman. The two tackled the topic of COVID-19 and the Trump administration's handling of it, as well as Obama's recent comments.

Obama broke his silence on Trump's job in office recently after a leaked audio recording revealed him calling the current response a "chaotic disaster," as The Inquisitr previously reported.

He later gave a commencement speech where he slammed leaders who didn't appear to be taking their job seriously, which most people took to be a reference to the president, though he didn't name Trump specifically. He also said that the pandemic has exposed the fact that people in charge don't appear to know what they are doing.

Trump later fired back, calling Obama "incompetent" and has pushed an unproven theory that he is calling "Obamagate," which suggests that Obama was involved in a conspiracy to hamper Trump's 2016 run for president.

During the show, Berman mused what it was about the current crisis that provoked the former president to criticize his predecessor. Brower suggested that while Obama has maintained relative silence for the first three years of the Trump administration, his recent comments suggest that he has reached the point where he feels compelled to speak out.

"I think how we see how its disproportionately affecting African-Americans and minority communities that is of particular concern for President Obama," Brower said.

"He's in a uniquely placed position to criticize President Trump's handling of the pandemic. He called it a 'chaotic disaster' in that call with his aide."
Brower claims that Obama has been relatively careful about being publically critical of Trump to this point because he believes that the current president is looking for someone to act as an enemy that his supporters can rally against.

"But, you know, he has been very reluctant to say anything," she added.

"Because I talk to people around him who say Trump just wants an enemy and President Obama doesn't want to give him that enemy to galvanize his base. The fact that he's coming out now says he's been pushed to the breaking point on this."