Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Big Move Leads To ‘Showtime’ As Diane Curses ‘Slimy’ Stunt

Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier play Michael and Nelle on 'General Hospital'.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

A new weekly sneak peek teased that Nelle’s big shocker is going to really shake things up on General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that her last-minute wedding will rattle even Diane and Nelle has a big performance on the way.

The preview shared via Twitter on Monday unveiled some juicy tidbits. As last Thursday’s episode wrapped, Nelle burst into the courtroom while wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers. She declared that the most amazing thing had happened, and during the May 18 show it is expected that she will reveal the identity of her new spouse.

Regardless of who this person is, Nelle’s last-minute maneuver is apparently going to cause some chaos. Diane, Michael, and Willow thought they had the upper hand going into the court hearing due to the quiet wedding they held at the Quartermaine home. Now, Nelle has managed to dilute the power of that move.

As all of this is unveiled, General Hospital spoilers from the new preview show that Diane will be cursing the development under her breath. She’ll note that it’s an underhanded, deceitful, and slimy move, and that probably means she knows this could cause trouble for their side of the case.

During the last few seconds of the preview, Nelle is seen again. At that point, she has changed out of her wedding dress into a more courtroom-appropriate ensemble. She will look over to someone next to her and declare that it’s showtime.

SheKnows Soaps teased that later this week, Nelle will put on an incredible performance. It seems that her reference about it being showtime is likely connected to this and it probably refers to when she will take the stand in the custody hearing.

Carly and Michael already know how good Nelle is at putting on a persuasive performance. However, General Hospital spoilers hint she might surprise even them this week by how well she does.

It appears there will be developments with this court battle coming during each new episode this week. Thursday’s show brings Nelle’s big moment and it sounds as if viewers will probably be left hanging.

The May 21 episode will be the last new show that fans get for a while. Production was halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus stay-at-home orders in California and the cast and crew have not been able to start filming again.

Who will win in this courtroom battle? Whether Wiley ends up with Michael, Nelle, or in a shared custody situation, General Hospital spoilers tease that Nelle’s influence on everybody in Port Charles won’t likely be ending anytime soon.