Ariana Grande Licks Lips & Shows Off Fine Form In Furry Bikini Top

Ariana Grande showed off her fine form in a furry bikini top, licking her lips and sending her Instagram users into a frenzy. The black-and-white photo was liked 5.5 million times and counting in less than 24 hours. The image was one she shared with the social media sharing site, whetting the appetites of her followers who eagerly await her posts. She also tagged photographer Alfredo Flores in the caption.

Ariana was wearing a tiny triangle top with fur-trimmed edges. The bottom of the outfit cannot be seen. The image shows the "Thank U, Next" singer as she looked away from the camera. She wore a thin choker necklace, which lay upon her collarbone. In her ears, she wore large, diamond solitaire earrings.

The singer's hair was pulled back in a severe, extra-long ponytail away from her face. Extensions were likely used to achieve a long, lush make of hair that cascaded down her back. Chunks of her hair were crimped from her roots to the ends of her tresses. Her signature look requires little maintenance once it is up and away from her face and the overall style has been a favorite of Ariana's since 2014.

"My real hair is brown, and I wear extensions, but I wear it in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down," Ariana explained of the hair fashion in a 2014 Facebook post. She also revealed that she tried wigs and weaves, but felt they looked ridiculous and felt very uncomfortable. She then apologized for keeping the same hair look for a long time but said that it was the only one that worked for her. Ariana claimed the ponytail is the only style she has used over the years that has felt comfortable.

Ariana's makeup appeared to be professionally done. Her eyes seemed to be lined in black liquid eyeliner, with the corners extended out past the ends of the eyes to create a retro look made popular in the 1960s. The singer's eyebrows were full and lush, likely due to a pencil used to make them stand out against her skin.

Fans of the actress and singer loved the photo and shared their thoughts in the comments section of the social media share.

"The top is so cute," said one Instagram user.

"You look cute, hot, and wonderful," remarked a second fan.