Sarodj Bertin Flaunts Hot Body While Wishing Instagram 'Happy Haitian Flag Day'

Rachel Dillin

Singer and former beauty queen Sarodj Bertin took to Instagram to share a series of three sexy images of herself in celebration of Haitian Flag Day, much to the delight of her followers.

In the first image, the beauty queen knelt amid some silver scaffolding. She wore a tiny green, yellow, and blue one-piece that featured plenty of sequins and fringe that showed off her toned stomach and gave viewers a peek at her ample cleavage. Sarodj wore light-colored fishnet stockings that had sparkly gems on them, as well as bright gold, pink, yellow, and blue tennis shoes.

The model appeared to have on makeup to highlight her eyes, cheeks, and lips, but the highlight of her facial decoration included several colorful sequins placed in shapes around her eyes. She wore her long brown hair in two high pigtails secured atop her head and then a second time in the middle with beads. She wore a bejeweled headband that matched the sequins on her face. Sparkly, dangling earrings and a light manicure finished off the festive look.

The second picture focused on Sarodj's flat midsection. The image revealed a flag hanging over her backside. In the third image, the performer held up a small flag over the lower half of her face, a pose that showed off her toned arms as well.

In the caption, the beauty wished her fans a happy Haitian flag day. Nearly 12,000 Instagram users shared the love by hitting the "like" button and more than 390 of them took the time to leave an uplifting message for her. The Haitian flag emoji appeared throughout the comments section, as people celebrated the day along with her.

"You are a princess—a true Haitian beauty. You are a victory. Heart blessings," a second devotee declared, adding red heart and flame emoji to their message.

"The colors suit you so well, baby," gushed a third follower, who used a cute rainbow emoji to replicate the colors in Sarodj's glamorous outfit.

"OMG, you're so sexy and cute," a fourth fan gushed, along with three red rose emoji.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Sarodj showed off her singing talent and channeled her inner goddess for a music video "Mi Guerrera," or my warrior. Her followers adored both the sexy look she wore in the video and the beautiful song.