Kelvin Edwards Accused Of Assaulting Couple With Machete, Said He Was Upset About Coronavirus Lockdown

'Edwards spoke of his anger over the COVID-19 shutdowns and his inability to get into [a homeless shelter],' said a police report.

kelvin edwards mugshot
Nashville Metro Police Department

'Edwards spoke of his anger over the COVID-19 shutdowns and his inability to get into [a homeless shelter],' said a police report.

A homeless Nashville man is accused of assaulting a married couple with a machete, apparently because he was angry over coronavirus lockdown restrictions, ABC News reported.

Authorities said that on Sunday afternoon, Kelvin Edwards, 35, who is homeless, went to local storage facility Public Storage and rented a bin. There, he allegedly retrieved a machete that he’d kept in his storage locker. Then, he reportedly went into the facility’s office and randomly assaulted two people waiting inside.

Kevin Craft, 55, and Leanne Craft, 50, were inside the building’s office when they had the misfortune of being the people Edwards allegedly targeted. Edwards, who reportedly did not know the married couple, allegedly assaulted the couple with the blade, even continuing to deliver blows as the couple lay bloodied on the floor.

The couple was taken to a nearby hospital, where they were listed as being in critical condition.

According to Knoxville’s WBIR-TV, Edwards then walked out of the office and, upon hearing a siren from a Nashville Police Department car, threw the machete on the ground and then put his hands into the air, waiting to be arrested.

According to a police report from the Nashville Metro Police Department, the officer who investigated the incident interviewed Edwards, who reportedly said he carried out the attack because he was frustrated with coronavirus restrictions.

“In an interview with Detective Fisher, Edwards spoke of his anger over the COVID-19 shutdowns and his inability to get into the Rescue Mission [homeless shelter]. It appears Edwards retrieved the machete from his bin and explained that he decided to demonstrate his anger in the violent attack on the Crafts, who he did not know,” the report read in part.

Edwards was taken into custody and charged with two counts of attempted murder.

It appears as if Edwards has a criminal history in Nashville. Though his driver’s license had a Little Rock, Arkansas, address on it, authorities believe he’s been in Music City since at least 2016, when he first started getting into trouble with the law. He was convicted of felony vandalism in 2017 and, while he was in jail, deliberately spat on two Davidson County Sheriff’s deputies, for which he was convicted of two assault charges.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the coronavirus pandemic has been particularly difficult for those who are homeless. Many people who are homeless are already in ill health, their bodies ravaged by years of poor nutrition, drug abuse, violence, and exposure to the elements, and are thus at greater risk of developing complications from the illness. What’s more, homeless shelters are often cramped, and few to no precautions are in place to prevent the spread of the illness inside such facilities.