'Sports Illustrated' Stunner Haley Kalil Shows Off Body In Tight Top For Mirror Challenge

Sports Illustrated stunner Haley Kalil showed off her body in a tight top and print skirt for a new social media mirror challenge. The redheaded stunner was front and center for the quick clip until the unexpected happened, and her 329,000 followers were left screaming with delight.

The video, taken outside on a picture-perfect day, showcased the model's stunning curves and flawless skin. Haley wore an off-the-shoulder top with a ruched front, which accented her breasts and shoulders. The gorgeous top was dreamy. It had sleeves that ended at the model's elbows, and its bottom was highlighted by a series of long ties that effortlessly hung down to her exposed midriff. A tie-dyed, clinging white skirt featured pastel colors of pink and blue with a light print atop the color infusion. The garment clung to her hips and thighs. Her legs were exposed.

On her neck were two delicate gold necklaces, one short and one that fell down longer, nestling in between her breasts.

Haley's crowning glory, her glorious auburn locks, blew in the breeze and cascaded down her shoulders and onto her back. Her makeup appeared to be applied with a lighter hand than when she is professionally working.

The model participated in the mirror challenge, a TikTok dare where you take a mirror outside and see who you really are when your camera is pointed directly at the reflective surface. Apparently, gorgeous Haley has one of the most iconic Star Wars characters as her inner spirit animal.

After several seconds where Haley had closed her eyes, and her hair blew back in the breeze, her lips parted and looking sultry for the camera, her face suddenly morphed into that of Chewbacca, the beloved Star Wars character. Chewbacca is a Wookiee warrior and Han Solo's co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon. The character was part of a core group of Rebels who restored freedom to the galaxy in the Star Wars franchise of films.

The quick metamorphosis took Haley's fans by surprise and they expressed their glee and shock in the comments section of the share.

"I think you missed your true calling — comedy! Your posts are hilarious!" said one follower of the model.

"This was everything I hoped it would be," joked a second fan.

"Omg, but before Chewbacca they were amazing!! As usual!!" stated a third social media user of the post and the quick clip of Haley preening for the video.

"Did you shave this morning? When you started looking a bit rough I lost interest. Please have a shave and I'm sure to love you again," said a fourth follower, who quipped over the face full of hair the model sported as the beloved science fiction film character.