Jessica Simpson Proudly Shows Off A Pot Of Her Prize-Winning Chili In Messy Kitchen Pics

The 'Open Book' author dusted off a recipe she last made in 2007.

Jessica Simpson poses at an event.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The 'Open Book' author dusted off a recipe she last made in 2007.

Jessica Simpson made a pot of her famous chili while quarantining in California. The singer and fashion designer, 39, posed with a large pot of her award-winning recipe, but some fans zeroed in on the fact that she didn’t clean up her kitchen before posing for the pics.

In new photos shared to Instagram, Jessica — who has shown off her domestic side multiple times while isolating with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic — was make-up free as she wore a black sweatsuit and fuzzy slippers. The usually glamorous star had her hair pulled back into a ponytail as she held out a large pot of her homemade chili.

Jessica didn’t bother to clean up her kitchen before taking the snaps. Her kitchen table had a pile of papers, a hat, a shoebox, and other items on it, and her counter was splattered with chili sauce. In a true sign of the times, Jessica had a container of disinfecting wipes parked right next to her stove.

In the caption, Jessica told fans she won a chili cook-off in Orange County and Malibu, California in 2007, so she decided to make the Texas-style recipe, along with some cornbread, 13 years later for her family.

In comments to the post, fans asked Jessica to share her recipe. Others joked that she looked like the character Kevin Malone from the TV show The Office in the episode where he brought a pot of his famous chili to share with his co-workers.

“I love that you have chili splattered on the counter behind you and didn’t clean it up before your picture!!” one fan wrote.

“I love that your kitchen is a mess #justlikeeveryone else,” added another.

“Your table looks like mine lol,” a third person remarked. “Chili looks awesome btw.”

Other fans admitted they were jealous of Jessica’s Clorox wipes. The product remains hard to find during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Looks delish but I’m drooling over your Clorox wipes just a tad bit more,” quipped a fourth commenter.

Some other fans told Jessica that it’s time to “reprise the high waisted jeans” in honor of her at-home chili cook-off.

Longtime fans may recall that in 2009, Jessica made headlines for wearing some “unflattering” high-waisted jeans when she performed at a chili cook-off in Florida. In her memoir, Open Book, she admitted she was mortified by the tabloid photos that made her look heavier than she actually was at the time.