NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers 'Would Try Moving' Kevin Love Again In 2020 Offseason, Per 'Forbes'

When LeBron James left the team for the second time in the summer of 2018, the Cleveland Cavaliers chose to remain competitive and made All-Star power forward Kevin Love the new face of the franchise. Unfortunately, under Love's leadership, the Cavaliers struggled hard and were unable to earn a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. No matter how many times they insist that they have no intention of trading him, most people believe that the Cavaliers are better off moving on from Love and consider undergoing a full-scale rebuild.

In his recent article, Evan Dammarell of Forbes revealed that the Cavaliers received multiple offers for Love before the 2020 February NBA trade deadline. Dammarell claimed that the Cavaliers didn't trade Love because the offers where too underwhelming and because they still see him as the man that can lead them back to title contention. According to Dammarell, if the right deal comes along, the Cavaliers "would try moving" Love again in the 2020 NBA offseason.

"Love's blowup leaking into the court of public opinion caused some teams to sour on him. The Cavaliers did have offers on the table, but none of them were to their liking for a player of Love's caliber, per league sources. So, the Cavaliers took a calculated risk in hoping Love would be a professional towards his teammates and the media and would try moving him again in the offseason. Waiting until then made sense, as this summer's free agency class isn't the greatest and Love being available likely made him one of the more attractive options out there."
It's not a surprise that the Cavaliers are still expecting a good return for Love. The All-Star power forward may have dealt with numerous injuries in the past years, but he remains a very reliable contributor on the offensive end of the floor. With the three years he spent with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland, Love has learned how to excel in an off-ball capacity, making him an intriguing target for NBA teams who want to add a third or fourth superstar to their roster this summer.

Love may not directly admit it, but at this point in his NBA career, he would definitely prefer to play for a legitimate title contender than wasting his prime years mentoring young players on a rebuilding team. Some of the teams who could express interest in acquiring Love in the 2020 offseason include the Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs, and the Brooklyn Nets.