Simone Biles Flaunts Her Abs In A Bikini With An Eye-Catching Chain Pattern

Simone Biles put her athletic figure on full display in a bikini that featured a sporty top and a bold print. On Sunday, the Olympic gymnast took to Instagram to share a photo of her stylish swimsuit with her 3.8 million followers. She also shared some sage advice for those who want to have a bikini body.

Simone was rocking a two-piece that featured a twist on a basic vertical stripe pattern. The base colors of her bathing suit were dark blue and white, and the garment was decorated with depictions of chains. The chains were silver and gold, and they were an array of different styles and sizes. The edges of Simone's bikini, save for the neckline of her top, were trimmed in black.

The top half of Simone's bathing suit resembled a sports bra with a square scoop neck and thick shoulder straps. Her bottoms had a high cut that highlighted her muscular thighs. The garment's waist slightly dipped down in the front to show off a bit more of her chiseled stomach. Simone's abs were impressively toned, and she had a visible six pack.

The accomplished athlete accessorized her revealing ensemble with a silver chain necklace, a glittering navel ring, and a black bracelet. She also wore a scrunchie on her left wrist. She was sunbathing outside, so she made sure to rock some eye protection. Her stylish sunglasses had dark square lenses and wire frames.

Simone wore her long box braids down and curled at the ends. She didn't appear to have any makeup on.

The Olympian looked relaxed as she stretched her legs out in front of her on a gray wicker lounger. She had her left elbow on one of the armrests and her head propped on her hand. The pose showed off her powerful bicep. Simone also had her right knee bent, which provided a peek at her muscular calf muscle.

Simone's caption included some body-positive advice about wearing a bikini.

The Olympic gold medalist's swimsuit snapshot was a winner in the eyes of her Instagram followers. Simone's photo received over 39,000 likes in a short period of time, and her fans also flocked to the comments section to shower her with adoration.

"Body of a Goddess," read one response to her post.

"I wish I had an 8 pack like you," remarked another fan.

"Soooooooo pretty (and insanely hot!)," a third admirer enthused.

Simone's caption was also a big hit.

"I love this! Will be telling my nieces this so they don't feel self-conscious the older they get," wrote one fan.

Earlier this month, Simone's fans also had plenty of positive things to say about a photo of the gymnastics champion rocking a solid black bikini with a thong back.