WWE News: Hall Of Famer Threatens Lawsuit Against Lio Rush

Lio Rush heads to the ring for a match.

A WWE Hall of Famer is threatening to sue a former Cruiserweight Champion due to defamatory comments made on Twitter. Lio Rush has publicly stated that former World Champion Mark Henry has held black wrestlers back. The two former superstars have battled back and forth on Twitter lately, and it is now heading into much more serious territory.

The online battle came about in the last week as Rush tweeted out comments made by Henry on Busted Open Radio. Henry spoke of a time in WWE when he reportedly had a conversation with Rush about trying to help him, but the young star said everything was alright and that he didn’t need assistance.

Rush responded on Twitter by saying that he is “tired of the bullsh*t” and that he’d be happy to go on the podcast to discuss things.

Henry has also brought Rush’s spending habits into question and considers them to be foolish. From there, Henry said on an Instagram live post that there was no bad blood between the two men and that Rush merely didn’t want to listen to his advice.

That was when Rush took to Twitter to berate and come down on Henry for allegedly lying about their conversations.

From there, Rush continued by saying that Henry purposely tried to hold down black wrestlers in WWE. Rush went so far as to say that Henry did it repeatedly when he was still an active performer and even after his in-ring career came to an end.

Henry spoke with TMZ Sports (as seen on YouTube) and told everyone that the truth is there if they wish to find it.

“If you go down to the (WWE) Performance Center at NXT, probably 25, I think, people of color in the facility. Probably about 80 plus percent of them, I helped get them there. I mean, it’s completely opposite.”

Henry said that Rush is saying “something slanderous” about him and that no one can “question my blackness.”

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“The World’s Strongest Man” said that Rush needs to apologize to him for the defamatory comments he has made about him. If the former NXT star doesn’t, Henry said he would get his lawyers involved and file a lawsuit against him.

Mark Henry is willing to settle things out of court if he gets an apology from Lio Rush, but that doesn’t seem likely right now. The two have major heat with one another, and both believe it is the other who is lying.