Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba Open Up About Being Quarantined With Their Children

L.A.'s Finest stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba shared how they've handled staying at home with their kids for the past several weeks.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families have been seeing more of each other lately. Both Union and Alba say the new changes have definitely affected their households in unique ways. In addition to juggling weekly work demands, the two actresses also have multiple children at home. Union has 1-year-old Kaavia James Union Wade, as well as her stepchildren Zaire, 18; Zaya, 12; and Xavier Wade, 6. As for Alba, she has three kids with her husband, Cash Warren -- Honor, 11; Haven, 8; and Hayes, 2.

While they are often praised for their super-mom skills, Alba and Union shared with E! News that they find it difficult to have time for themselves. When asked if the actresses have their own space or room where they go for a break, Alba said she hasn't been able to because her little ones are never too far behind.

"I can't escape them. They find me in bathrooms, in bathtubs, in corners, I can't hide from them," Alba said.

Union replied to the question and said she does find solace in some areas of her home. However, she admitted she has to make excuses in order for her to get an extended amount of time alone.

"For me, it's the bathroom," she said. "Thank god they respect the toilet. I go in there, I claim gastrointestinal issues. No one will ask follow-up questions about that. And then I milk it, sometimes for 20, 30, 45 minutes."

"It was more of, how long could she wait?" Union joked. "She loves to eat. And she eats really anything."

Alba and Union star in leading roles on L.A.'s Finest. The series was inspired by the Bad Boys film franchise, in which Union played Will Smith's love interest. Both actresses will return for Season 2 of the show.