White House Economic Adviser Calls Los Angeles ‘Lunatic’ For Considering Three-Month Coronavirus Lockdown

Stephen Moore has a conversation with Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
Samuel Corum / Getty Images

A White House economic adviser and member of the coronavirus task force is calling out “blue” areas for lifting coronavirus restrictions slower, including what he called a “lunatic” proposal from Los Angeles to consider keeping restrictions in place for three more months.

Stephen Moore, who serves on the Trump administration’s coronavirus economic task force, said in a radio interview on Sunday that he believed the worst of the economic impact had passed but urged Democratic governors and mayors to move faster in lifting restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen. Appearing on John Catsimatidis’ syndicated radio show, Moore said that areas need to move faster to expedite the economic recovery.

“The problem is we still have New York. And we have California. And we have Michigan and Pennsylvania… The Los Angeles mayor is saying that they’re going to keep the Los Angeles economy shut down for three more months,” said Moore (via The Hill), who was floated by Trump as a nominee to fill one of two empty seats on the Federal Reserve Board before being taken out of consideration.

“That’s lunatic to think that Los Angeles could ever come back from that. You do have some of these blue state mayors and blue state governors who are continuing with the lockdown.”

Moore is the latest member of the Trump administration to urge states to start lifting restrictions faster, led by Trump himself. The president has been encouraging states to lift stay-at-home orders that allow non-essential businesses to start opening again, especially after months of record unemployment numbers.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump said this week that the reopening must move ahead regardless of whether there is a vaccine for the virus. Speaking at a coronavirus press briefing on Friday, Trump said that Americans will have to forge ahead with or without the vaccine, making reference to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, Breitbart reported.

“You fight through it, and people sometimes, I guess we don’t know exactly yet, but it looks like you become immune, at least for a short while and maybe for life,” Trump said.

Many local leaders have taken a more gradual approach, holding off on fully lifting the stay-at-home orders and instead allowing businesses to reopen in waves. Many have adopted a regional approach, letting areas with lower rates of infection open first.

Moore has been one of the most vocal members of the Trump administration in calling for the economy to reopen quickly.