Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Moves In Hilarious Dance Video As Husband Harry Hamlin Is On 'Box Patrol'

Lisa Rinna posted a hilarious new video to Instagram in which she danced for her oblivious husband, Harry Hamlin.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 56, shared a clip of her dancing on the patio of the couple's California home while her husband was busy breaking apart cardboard boxes, presumably from the clan's many home delivery orders that have arrived during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, Harry, 68, is hard at work as he wears rubber gloves to break down the plethora of boxes. Lisa, meanwhile, sports a black tank, matching leggings, and a wide-brimmed hat as she wiggles her hips and moves her hands to the music that's playing in the background.

While Harry appears to be clueless as to what's going on around him, at the very end of the clip, he whips out a camera and snaps a shot of his wife of 23 years. In the caption to the post, Lisa titled the video "Dancing with Harry Hamlin," and she poked fun at her husband's role as the family's resident box breaker.

In comments to the post, fans and celebrity friends -- including Jennifer Tilly, Rachel Zoe, and Kathy Hilton -- reacted to Lisa's latest dance video. Many followers loved how her husband remained unfazed by her moves.

"He couldn't care less," wrote the couple's daughter, Amelia Gray.

"Love it! He is totally oblivious to what's going on," another user added.

"Harry is so used to it that he's not even bothered," a third fan wrote.

"Love how Harry Hamlin just goes about his business. Gotta love long relationships! They just accept us as we are!" another person said.

Lisa's videos with her husband have become extremely popular in recent months. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star previously shared a video of her dancing in her kitchen as Harry was working on his laptop. The Mad Men alum didn't even look up from his computer as his wife tried to distract him with her moves.

While Lisa is known for her dance videos and has even taped some TikTok gems with her daughters, Harry usually stays on the sidelines. But in March, the actor finally made a cameo in one of Lisa's videos for the viral "Pew Pew Pew Challenge." The clip poked fun at the many disinfectant cleaning products being used during the pandemic and showed Harry armed with two cans of Lysol.

"Look who joined the party…" Lisa captioned the hilarious video that she later posted to Twitter.