The Revival To Use Different Team Name, Per Lawyer’s Response To Cease & Desist Letter

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival (L-R) make their ring entrance on SmackDown.

Although the former Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder — now respectively going by Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler — seemingly changed their tag team name from The Revival to The Revolt shortly after their release from WWE, that doesn’t appear to be the case after all. According to a response to a cease and desist letter the duo recently received, the former Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Champions will actually be known as FTR once they start competing for other promotions.

As reported on Saturday by PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson, an attorney representing North Carolina-based wrestlers Caleb Konley and Zane Riley sent a cease and desist letter to Harwood and Wheeler, asking the duo to stop using the name “The Revolt” for future bookings, or “Fear The Revolt” as a catchphrase. Konley and Riley have been using the aforementioned name in the independent wrestling scene for the last five years and, as their lawyer noted, have been selling various forms of merchandise under the Revolt brand name.

As quoted, the letter further stated that Wheeler declared under oath that no one else, to the best of his knowledge, had the right to use The Revolt or similar names for business purposes. It was also alleged that Konley and Riley tried to reach out to Wheeler and Harwood as “friends,” only for the pair to be “rebuffed.”

“Dax and Cash may enjoy playing heels, but this is not the ring. They cannot steal their former friends’ intellectual property without consequence. Their conduct is not only unlawful, it is truly shameless that they would willfully steal a name from those that worked so hard to build it up.”

According to Johnson, PWInsider reached out to the former Revival’s lawyer, Michael E. Dockins, soon after acquiring a copy of the cease and desist letter. On Saturday afternoon, the outlet received a response from Dockins that clarified one important detail. Apparently, his clients won’t be going by the name The Revolt, as their actual post-WWE name is FTR — an acronym that has no specific meaning.

“Our clients do not intend and have never intended to call themselves FEAR THE REVOLT,” the lawyer’s response continued. “They have at all times and it every way made it clear that their tag team name would be FTR, and that FTR can and would mean different things depending on their storyline and creative.”

In addition, Dockins stressed that when Harwood and Wheeler communicated with Konley and Riley, the former duo always stated to the latter that the name of the team is FTR, with no specific mention of the word “Revolt.”

Since their release from WWE early last month, Harwood and Wheeler have regularly been making wrestling headlines, mostly due to the drama that preceded their exit. Most rumors hint at the pair signing with upstart company All Elite Wrestling at some point in the near future.