Jeffree Star Responds To Backlash Over The Launch Of His 'Cremated' Makeup Palette During Pandemic

Jeffree Star is speaking out following backlash over the name of his new makeup palette. The 34-year-old makeup guru and YouTube sensation announced the upcoming release of his Cremated collection over the weekend, but not everyone thought the name of the product was appropriate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The newly announced eyeshadow palette features shades with names like Death Certificate, Hearse, Obituary, R.I.P., Embalmed, Casket Ready, Gravedigger, and The Morgue.

In comments on social media, some offended followers blasted Star for naming his palette "Cremated" in light of the coronavirus outbreak that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. One follower called the name a "low blow" and accused Star of stirring the pot when emotions are already high.

"During a global pandemic. While people are dying. Girl I cannot," one Instagram user wrote to Star.

But others defended Star's new line. After one fan questioned how people can be offended over a palette name, Star responded on Twitter.

"People are bored and want to be offended by something new," the makeup guru wrote. "The Star Family knows it's part of my vocabulary and I've had this idea trademarked since Sep 2019."

Star elaborated on the controversy on his Instagram stories, Us Weekly reported.

"We're celebrating here at the house," the beauty influencer said as he noted that his Cremated launch was trending on YouTube and Twitter.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder added that "there's a lot of positives" and "a few negatives" because everyone wants to have their opinion. Star told fans that he's "never played it safe" as he explained that Cremated is more than an eye shadow palette. The influencer noted that there's always "so many meanings" with his art and that it can be interpreted any way that someone wants to take it but that he always comes "from a good place."

Star also reminded fans that death has been a very real part of his life, especially over the past year when he lost two of his beloved Pomeranians within a few months.

"On a real level, you guys, my own father was cremated," Star said. "My two dogs that passed away last year were cremated. So nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life."

While some people criticized the name of Star's new line and said they'll be passing on it, others were thrilled by the controversy. Star's makeup launches often sell out within hours, so some social media fans wrote they hope even more people will be upset by Cremated so that they can have a better chance of snagging the product when it's released on May 22.