May 16, 2020
Protesters In Michigan Plan 'Operation Haircut' Demonstration Against Stay-At-Home Order

Members of the Michigan Conservative Coalition are planning a protest called "Operation Haircut" to oppose Michigan's stay-at-home orders, Fox 2 reported. The group is organizing barbers and hairstylists from all over Michigan to gather at the Capitol building and give free haircuts on the lawn.

According to Fox 2, the group got the idea for the protest after hearing that a barber in Owosso, Michigan, had his license revoked for continuing to give haircuts while the stay-at-home order was in place. The barber, Carl Manske, has become a hero to Michiganders who believe the stay-at-home orders are excessive and unjust.

Meshawn Maddock, a member of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, spoke to Fox 2 about the protest and the stay-at-home orders. She said the demonstrations that have been happening in Michigan, and the upcoming "Operation Haircut," are about "our governor overreaching." She went on to say that the restrictions being imposed by the Michigan government are "tyrannical."

Maddock praised Manske for being "brave enough to risk his license, to stand up to our governor." She said that when other barbers and hairstylists heard about Manske's license being revoked, they started talking about what they could do to express their opposition. The idea for "Operation Haircut" came out of these discussions.

One of the co-founders of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, Marian Sheridan, said in a statement that "enough is enough," reported The Detroit News. She expressed her disdain that other businesses were opening but salons could not.

"Dope shops are open, abortion mills churn on, but barbershops are, somehow, unsafe. Show us that 'science' Governor!"
The Michigan Conservative Coalition has already organized one major demonstration against the Michigan stay-at-home orders, "Operation Gridlock," which took place in April. During that protest, hundreds of Michiganders flooded the streets and stopped traffic, chanting "Open up Michigan."

The protest gained national attention when Operation Gridlock began trending on Twitter.

"Operation Haircut" will be held on Wednesday, May 20, from noon until 3 p.m., The Detroit News reported. Barbers and hairstylists will set up on the lawn of the Capitol building and anyone who wants a haircut, or just wants to show opposition to the stay-at-home orders, can line up for a free trim.

The organizers of the protest made it clear that the barbers and stylists would be complying with safety recommendations including wearing gloves and masks during all cuts. Organizers encouraged those planning to attend the protest to follow social distancing protocol while protesting or waiting for their cut, and they encouraged attendees to wear masks.