Ashley Alexiss Flaunts Her Killer Curves In Lacy Pink And Black Lingerie

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ashley Alexiss flaunted her killer curves in an Instagram snap posted on Saturday evening. The gorgeous plus-size model shared a picture of herself wearing a lacy pink and black lingerie set.

The top of the set was a bustier-style bra with satiny straps. The bustier was hot pink with crisscrossing black ribbons all over the cup. The tops of the cups, which hugged tight to her ample cleavage, were covered in black lace with a hint of pink peeking through. Under the cups of the bustier, pink fabric overlayed with black lace encircled her torso, ending just above the waist. The bustier perfectly accentuated Alexiss' exquisite hourglass figure. Alexiss tugged at the front of the bustier, pulling it down ever so slightly to give a better view of her beautiful assets.

The panties Alexiss wore in the photo were high waisted and hip-hugging. The sides of the panties that wrapped around her waist were black mesh. Next to the mesh on each side was a panel of pink fabric overlayed with black lace. Down the front and center of the panties was a strip of pink fabric with corset-style lacing overlayed. The lacing ended with a bow at the top of the panties, right below her belly button.

Clipped to the panties were black garter belts, which clipped to black, lacy thigh highs. The garter belts ended at the thigh highs with a cute, pink bow. The thigh highs were topped with an intricate lace pattern and appeared to be sheer black, though the snap ends just below the top of the thigh highs, so most of Alexiss' legs cannot be seen.

Alexiss had one arm reaching up to her head, running her fingers through her hair. Her thick, shiny blonde hair was styled into romantic ringlets. It cascaded over her shoulders and down her chest, brushing the top of her cleavage.

Alexiss' face was raised just slightly, giving a perfect view of her sleek jawline. Her eyes were closed and her lips were partially open. She wore shimmery silver eye shadow with bold, black mascara. Her lips were painted with a flirtatious pink that almost matched the lingerie set she was sporting. Alexiss' perfectly tanned skin glowed in the picture as if she were emitting her own light.

The caption on the snap was a simple reflection on life in quarantine, which pointed out how each day is pretty much the same.