May 16, 2020
Jessa Duggar Revealed That Daughter Ivy Jane Is Now Walking, 'Really Starting To Take Off'

Ivy Jane Seewald will be celebrating her first birthday in just 10 days. Her mom, Jessa Duggar, just revealed that she started taking her first steps about a week ago. Now the adorable baby seems to be getting the hang of it. The star of TLC's Counting On posted a short video clip on Instagram on Saturday of her daughter walking around in the living room of their Arkansas home.

Ivy Jane, who wore a pair of gray printed pajamas in the video, was using her bare feet to keep herself upright as she practiced taking some steps. Although the Seewalds have hardwood floors in their living room, there is an oversized area rug in there just in case the little girl takes a tumble.

It is also the area in their house that Jessa's three kids play in. There were toys off to the side and also a few small trucks in front of Ivy as she made her way across the floor.

Jessa Duggar was sitting on the sofa encouraging her daughter to walk toward her. At one point, the mom-of-three shoved the trucks aside so that Ivy could have a clear path to her. Once there was nothing in her way, the Duggar granddaughter made her way quickly to her destination. She was giggling all the way to her excited mom.

Jessa clapped and lifted her baby girl up in the air while giving her plenty of kisses. She also mentioned showing Grandma and Grandpa that Ivy can now walk. Her family has been doing their best to stay at home as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, so the rest of the Duggar brood may not have had the chance to be around the grandkids much.

Jessa's Instagram followers were quick to step in to share in her excitement on Ivy's new accomplishment. They also think that she is her mom's mini-me.

"She is so pretty and looks just like her Beautiful Momma," one of her fans said.

"Goodness she is such a doll. Those big bright eyes!" another person commented.

"Wow growing up so fast and she is so cute," a third fan mentioned.

With many fans saying that Ivy Jane looks just like Jessa Duggar, the reality star decided to put that to the test earlier this week. She posted a few snaps of herself as a baby alongside photos of Ivy, and her followers couldn't believe the resemblance between mother and daughter.

Now that Ivy Jane is walking, she will likely be able to keep up with her big brothers, Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3, soon enough. The two boys were not seen in the new video clip of their sister taking steps, but they were more than likely close by.