Charly Jordan Goes Green In Steamy Lingerie Pictorial

Although she's just 21 years old, Instagram star Charly Jordan is already a certified "wearer of many hats." In addition to her modeling exploits, Jordan is known for her work as both a DJ and director, having made videos for music festivals all over the world, including Pal Norte, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Coachella.

However, in her latest photo slideshow -- posted for her more than 3 million followers on Instagram to enjoy on May 16 -- Jordan really wasn't wearing much of anything.

In the five-photo spread, Jordan was strutting her stuff in various poses while sporting little more than a lacy, two-piece lingerie set in royal green.

The first photo in the series was a fairly straightforward shot of Jordan in a seated position with her waist turned and her legs resting to the side. While her curves and flawless, slightly tanned skin were on full display, it was her face that owned the shot. Jordan's seductive gaze was perfectly complemented by her full, pouty lips, which were slightly parted.

Meanwhile, her long, blonde hair rested over her right shoulder and she pressed her fingertips to her temples.

In the next photo, the camera was pulled back and Jordan posed with her back turned to its lens. As a result, a grander view of her body could be had and the perfect curvature of her tight booty in conjunction with her waist and hips was revealed. Additionally, her hands moved from her temples to the top of her head as held her hair up and back.

For the third snapshot, Jordan returned to a seated position with her front facing the camera, only this time she faced the opposite direction. A slight smile graced her youthful face while she leaned back on her couch, resting her weight on one of her arms behind her.

That was followed by another rear-view shot, only this time the camera was zoomed in much close to its subject. As a result, the backside angle was even more pronounced and the scope of her sinuous form was perhaps better realized. As with the previous rear-view shot, Jordan's full back was exposed save for what little real estate was covered by the green straps of her nightie.

The pictorial was capped off with a fifth and final shot of Jordan in a much more playful pose, leaning forward with her mouth smiling wide and her pink tongue protruding out from it. The sharp lines of her neck and shoulder blades were exposed in greater detail, as was the shape of her chest beneath the intricate, green lace of her bra.

Jordan's latest photo spread went viral on IG, racking up more than 200,000 likes and 2,000 comments in a single hour.

"Wow this one is crazy Charly," commented one fan, more or less speaking for the collective.

Looking ridiculously hot on social media has become standard fare for Jordan who also flaunted her incredible figure in a cheeky, zebra-print bikini shot on May 14, as shared by The Inquisitr.