May 16, 2020
Donald Trump Jr. Suggests Joe Biden Is A Pedophile In 'Joking' Instagram Post

Donald Trump Jr., who previously joked that Hillary Clinton poisoned Jeffrey Epstein, is now taking aim at presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. As reported by Jonathan Martin in The New York Times, Trump Jr. posted an Instagram picture on Saturday that appears to accuse Biden of being a pedophile.

Not long after, Trump Jr. said on Twitter that he was just "joking around," a tactic that Martin said is often used by Donald Trump.

"Yet in the same Twitter post, he also reprised his original insinuation," Martin wrote. "He accused the former vice president of 'unwanted touching' alongside a collage of photographs of Mr. Biden showing affection for children."

According to Martin, the "misleading images" are from public swearing-in ceremonies at the Capitol, images that are often used as evidence of Biden's habit of touching women inappropriately.

While Biden has faced accusations of inappropriate behavior and faces a sexual assault allegation from Tara Reade, he has never been accused of misconduct with a child. The recent accusation, Martin says, is an attempt to harm Biden ahead of November, when he will, if nominated by the Democratic Party, take on Trump.

"Donald Trump Jr.'s inflammatory and baseless claim, which he shared with his 2.8 million Instagram followers, comes as his father and the re-election campaign have sought to weaken Mr. Biden and attack other perceived enemies with an onslaught of allegations and insinuations rarely seen in modern elections."
Trump Jr. previously admitted that Trump sometimes calls him and tells him his attacks are "too aggressive," which he believes stems from jealousy.

"He just wanted the material," Trump Jr. said. "He was mad I beat him to the punch."

Trump Jr. is no stranger to controversial attacks. In April, Trump Jr. suggested that Clinton was responsible for the death of Epstein, which was ruled a suicide. Earlier, in January, he fantasized about Clinton's imprisonment on Instagram.

As reported by Business Insider, Biden has been accused by eight women of touching them inappropriately or violating their personal space. He has also faced criticism for his comments toward women on the campaign trail, as well as for his refusal to apologize for his controversial pattern of behavior.

Sofie Karasek, a then-22-year-old sexual assault survivor who appeared at the 2016 Academy Awards, notably said Biden violated her personal space. Although Biden released an apology video, she noted that he didn't explicitly apologize and did not acknowledge that all interactions are a "two-way street."