Abby Dowse Slays In Ultra-Skimpy Blue Bikini

Abby Dowse, the Instagram model, Fashion Nova ambassador, and fitness guru, continued her recent run of burning up social media with steamy bikini snapshots this weekend. On May 16, the Australian bombshell thrilled her more than 2 million followers on Instagram with a shot in an ultra-skimpy bikini that definitely proved things get hotter in the Land Down Under.

While wishing the "beautiful people" that follow her a happy weekend in her post's caption, Dowse let her own innate beauty shine with a mirrored selfie for the ages.

In the snapshot, Dowse was sitting on her knees while her lower legs and feet rested beneath her thighs. Her free hand was caressing the top of her right knee. As she snapped the picture, Dowse's long blond hair was flowing and flaring out to one side and she peered seductively into the mirror with her full pink lips parted ever so slightly.

Her smoldering expression added a unique edge to the shot, but as is often the case with her pictorials, Dowse's athletic beach body took center stage.

Dowse's blue bikini conformed perfectly to her slightly sun-kissed skin, revealing the tight contours that are the fruits of her intense workout regimen. Her bikini bottom was more of a suggestion of fabric than actual coverage for her midsection, as her navel was fully exposed and the full shape and scope of her waist, hips, and tummy were exhibited in great detail.

For technically being a clothed photo, very little was left to the imagination.

However, Dowse's upper half stole the show as her chest seemingly exploded out from the bottom of her bikini top, creating a veritable underboob bonanza in the middle of the photo frame.

The latest self-portrait of a bikini-clad Dowse blew up on Instagram, with several thousand fans pounding the like button on the post and hundreds offering their thoughts in the comment thread.

"You are incredibly beautiful," wrote one fan, offering a decidedly uncontroversial opinion on Dowse's exhibitionism.

"The Best," opined another, while adding a string of emoji for emphasis.

The 30-year-old Dowse has been hitting the bikini pic niche hard as of late, posting regular photos of herself in various styles of swimwear and lingerie, most of which managed to expose much more of her body than was covered.

On May 14, as reported by The Inquisitr, Dowse bore her cleavage while wearing black and animal-print lingerie in a post that accrued more than 30,000 likes.