May 16, 2020
Carmella Rose Goes Nude For Breathtaking New Pic, Stands In A Field Of Flowers

Carmella Rose took to her Instagram page on Saturday afternoon to share one of her favorite photographs from her recent photo shoot with The Series Mag. The model did not wear any clothing for the snap and stood outdoors in front of a field bursting with bright orange flowers.

In the photo, Carmella was photographed standing in profile with one heel raised. She stood on a narrow strip of grass extending between a dirt road bearing what appeared to be tire tracks. She extended her right hand in front of her, where it hovered above her knee. Her left arm acted as a makeshift bra to cover her breasts. With her body angled to the side, Carmella turned her head toward the camera and smiled.

Despite her nudity, Carmella retained her modesty with an elegant posture that allowed her fans to see her shapely silhouette, the swell of her hips, and a little of her breasts, but nothing more explicit than that.

It appeared to be breezy during the shoot, as the stunner's naturally styled hair looked windswept. Several strands clung to her face as it blew in the direction of the wind. She accessorized her au natural look with dangling earrings. Her makeup seemed to be minimally applied to enhance her natural beauty, and the sunlight gave her skin a sunkissed glow.

In front of Carmella, a clothesline stretched across the frame, anchored to two unseen posts. A matching white set of bra and panties were clipped to the line by clothespins. The camera captured a seemingly endless expanse of vibrant flowers in bloom. Rolling hills filled the faraway horizon from end to end.

The post has been liked more than 72,100 likes, including by Playboy model Rachel Cook and Instagram model Gabby Epstein.

Cook called her pic a "a dreaaam," while Gabby wrote, "loveeee this beautiful!!"

A chorus of Carmella's fans joined the two models in complimenting her in the comments section.

"Geez. That's a god given gift of beauty. May you always be blessed," gushed one fan.

"Well, I guess it's laundry day," joked another user.

"I think you are supposed to put those pieces of cloth over your body...though you look good as-is," a fourth admirer chimed in.

One person got curious about the clothesline.

"What's holding up the clothesline across the dirt path?" they asked.

On Thursday, Carmella shared her Series Mag cover with her 2.3 million Instagram followers. She exposed a great deal of underboob in the sultry photograph.