Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Cleavage In A Cut-Out Top

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph.
Courtesy Photo

Lindsey Pelas once again showed off her “genetically gifted” assets on her Instagram story. The model shared a video on Saturday, May 15, that featured her ample cleavage in a cut-out top.

Lindsey wore a tight navy blue shirt with an oval cut-out that showcased her buxom bust and décolletage. Due to the skimpy garment, a hint of her tanned and taut midriff was on display. She paired the top with cadet blue bicycle shorts that clung to her body. The full ensemble showed off her fit figure and hourglass physique. She topped off the look with a black purse and white sneakers.

The blond bombshell looked directly at the camera as she walked down the street, her intense gaze never wavering. As she strutted along, she panned the camera over her entire ensemble, making sure her 9 million followers caught her whole outfit.

She fluttered her eyelashes several times, playfully tilting her head back-and-forth. At the end of the clip, the corners of her mouth turned upwards into a smile. She then pouted her lips, blowing a kiss.

Though she did not tag the location of the video, it appeared to be a beautiful day. The sun shined onto her face and in between her platinum locks, making them glow.

She wore her icy blond hair down and parted in the middle. Her tresses were tucked behind one ear and cascaded down both of her shoulders in slightly wavy strands.

As for her makeup, Lindsey’s brown brows appeared shaped and groomed. They arched high over her sea-green eyes. She seemed to wear an orange shadow on her lids that crept up to her brow bone. Her feathery lashes curled upwards and fanned outwards. Her lids looked to be swiped with black liner, her waterline lined with kohl liner, and her lower lashes appeared to be coated with black mascara.

Her cheeks seemed to be brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop. Her plump pout looked to be lined with a mocha-color lipliner, while her lips were filled in with a frosty pink lipstick.

Lindsey used the “TAN & DUST” filter, a frequent filter of hers. The effect made her skin look even more sun-kissed.

As Lindsey Pelas fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the model often shares videos and photos of herself showing off her assets on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. One of her most recent posts featured Lindsey wearing an unzipped bodysuit underneath seriously short Daisy Dukes.