Bru Luccas Goes Braless In Minuscule Crop Top While Rocking G-String In Unfiltered Photo

Bru Luccas poses for a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas wowed her fans with her latest social media share, which saw her enjoying the great outdoors while scantily clad. The model took to Instagram to show off her incredible figure in a minuscule crop top and a G-string, and it was an immediate hit.

The geotag for the sexy post, which can be seen on her Instagram page, indicated that the photo was taken in Julian, California. She also used the “no filter” hashtag, suggesting no edits were made to the snap before she uploaded it.

In the picture, Bru was standing next to a wooden fence with a field of green grass behind her. She stood with her elbows resting on the top of the fence while one foot was on the lower rail. The pose put her hourglass shape on full display.

The model’s top was very revealing. The light blue number had off-the-shoulder short sleeves and a low-cut neck that exposed her cleavage. It was open in the center and tiny strings were tied into loopy bows, which also called attention to her voluptuous chest. There was not much to her black G-string. She also sported what appeared to be a pair of hiking boots. The photo was cropped just above her ankles, so it was impossible to see all of the boots. She looked relaxed as she gazed off to the side.

Bru’s long, sleek hair was parted on the side, and she wore it over one shoulder. Her makeup application appeared to include a light coat of mascara, blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a pink shade on her lips.

The post was an instant hit, with more than 76,000 followers hitting the like button within an hour of her sharing it.

Bru kept the caption simple and left leaf and caterpillar emoji, along with the “nature” and “no filter” hashtags.

Many of her fans took to the comments section to rave over how sensational she looked in the barely-there outfit.

“Your [sic] absolutely gorgeous from head to toes,” one follower wrote.

“Perfect… my kinda gal,” quipped a second Instagram user.

“Such a beauty,” a third admirer commented.

“Beautiful as always,” a fourth fan chimed in.

Bru does not seem to mind flashing plenty of skin in skimpy outfits that some women might be too shy to wear. She recently sent temperatures on her Instagram page soaring when she shared a snap that featured her wearing a bodysuit with a plunging neckline and high-cut legs.