Vanessa Hudgens Stuns In A Colorful String Bikini Top And Pigtails

Vanessa enjoyed some time outside with her dog.

Vanessa Hudgens attends the opening night of "West Side Story" at Broadway Theatre
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Vanessa enjoyed some time outside with her dog.

Vanessa Hudgens recently rocked a bright and cheery bikini top while hanging out with her adorable pet dog. The singer and actress floored her 39 million Instagram followers on May 15 by treating them to a set of stunning snapshots that featured her showing off her summery style as she spent some time relaxing outdoors.

For her trip to the backyard, the former High School Musical star rocked a string bikini top with a vivid floral print. The garment’s color palette included shades of yellow, pink, and blue. Vanessa also wore a pair of pleated denim-blue shorts. Her bottoms had a high waist and loose fit.

The actress completed her casual but chic ensemble with a wide-brimmed straw boater hat adorned with a black ribbon. Vanessa wore her brunette tresses styled in low braided pigtails. She had the plaits pulled forward so that they trailed down over her decolletage.

She also sported a number of accessories, including an anklet, a large pair of dangle earrings, and stacked bracelets. Her long pointed fingernails were painted a vibrant shade of yellow that matched her bikini top.

Vanessa was pictured sitting outside on a colorful blanket that featured a large circular design. She had her left leg curled in front of her so that she could use it as a makeshift tray for her laptop. Instead of soaking up some sun, the actress relaxed in the shade of a massive tree on her sun-dappled lawn. Her adorable terrier mix, Darla, sat on the corner of the blanket with her.

The backdrop of Vanessa’s photos included a stone retaining wall, tall trees, and other greenery. In her first photo, she was pictured glancing up at the camera with a small smile playing on her lips. Darla was intently staring at something off-camera. In the second snap, Vanessa’s attention had shifted to her canine companion, and she was flashing her pearly whites as she watched the dog. The third picture showed Vanessa closing her eyes and making a playful kissy face at the camera as she leaned forward. Darla was facing the unidentified photographer.

Vanessa’s photos have received over 549,000 likes since they were initially uploaded. Her fans also had plenty to say about the images in the comments section of her post.

“How are you this photogenic? Truly unfair,” wrote one awestruck admirer.

“This is so perfect! Aesthetically pleasing,” another fan gushed.

“That looks like heaven on earth!” read a third remark.

Vanessa wore the same straw hat in another photo with Darla. On Thursday, she shared the snapshot on Instagram, and it was also warmly received. She was pictured rocking a blush bandeau-style top and cuddling her cute canine.